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wolfSSL TLS Module Shih-Ping Chan Copyright © 2022 Chan Shih-Ping __________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents 1. Admin Guide 1. Overview 2. Quick Start 3. Important Notes 4. Compiling the wolfSSL TLS Module List of Examples 1.1. Quick Start Basic Config Chapter 1. Admin Guide Table of Contents 1. Overview 2. Quick Start 3. Important Notes 4. Compiling the wolfSSL TLS Module 1. Overview This module implements the TLS transport for Kamailio using the wolfSSL library ( To enable the Kamailio TLS support this module must be loaded and enable_tls=yes core setting must be added to the Kamailio config file. This module is derived from the tls module and adapted to wolfSSL using the OpenSSL-compatibility layer. Credit goes to the authors of the tls module. This module is based on wolfSSL 5.2.0 and 5.3.0 and is not fully compatible with the tls module (protocol versions < 1.1 not supported it the Debian package for example. This user is referred to the documentation of the tls module for configuration and other information. Not all configuration keys are implemented (e.g., protocol versions — defaults to 1.2+ and cipher suites). 2. Quick Start The default kamailio.cfg file has basic tls support included, it has to be enabled with "#!define WITH_TLS" directive. Example 1.1. Quick Start Basic Config #... loadmodule "" loadmodule "" #... refer to Quick Start oftls module #... for further configuration 3. Important Notes The wolfSSL TLS module is intended to be compiled with a recent version of wolfSSL (5.2.0+). 4. Compiling the wolfSSL TLS Module The development package for wolfSSL is required (libwolfssl-dev or equivalent). In most case compiling the wolfSSL TLS module is as simple as: make -C modules/tls_wolfssl or make modules modules=modules/tls_wolfssl or (compiling whole Kamailio and the tls module) make all include_modules=tls_wolfssl .