September 19, 2002
View 7dd0b34273

GPLization banner introduced to *.[hc] files

Jiri Kuthan authored on 19/09/2002 12:23:52
August 29, 2002
View 4b70450d66

- Fixed small bug in stats_register() messages...

ric authored on 29/08/2002 16:41:39
August 28, 2002
View 0ef6711e7c

Changed message in register_stats() to INFO msg (instead of warning) if snmp module is not loaded

ric authored on 28/08/2002 21:31:24
View db1bef06fe

init_stats() doesn't check for a valid filename anymore. This is now done by dump_all_statistic()

ric authored on 28/08/2002 20:21:46
View 811c8ef089

- New stats code

ric authored on 28/08/2002 18:59:38