June 26, 2008
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More flexible configuration of the path to SQL script files. There is a new configuration option in the script containing the default path to the directory containing SQL script files. The value of that option will be updated during make install. Relative pathnames are converted to absolute pathnames with respect to the location of the ser_postgres.sh script.

Jan Janak authored on 26/06/2008 00:01:52
July 20, 2006
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fixed to use also xx_data.sql scripts

Karel Kozlik authored on 20/07/2006 12:59:43
January 11, 2006
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- fixed missing parts in ser_postgres.sh

Jan Janak authored on 11/01/2006 15:09:31
January 10, 2006
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- make index name unique - added missing index name

Jan Janak authored on 10/01/2006 22:14:49
November 19, 2005
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- oracle db schema (not functional yet) - postgres db schema - ser_postgres.sh (not functional yet)

Jan Janak authored on 19/11/2005 19:10:31