February 18, 2010
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bpi authored on 18/02/2010 11:05:50
January 14, 2010
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- added memory wrappers, allowing to use SR's built-in allocators by external libraries

bpi authored on 14/01/2010 23:12:48
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- added sercmd2, alternative to sercmd - besides using the binrpc2 library, it adds small improvements, most representative being int and str handling (made a bit more intuitive) and auto reconnecting after connection breaking up.

bpi authored on 14/01/2010 23:05:36
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- initial import of 'asi' module -- an extension to allow sip-router (SR) work as an Application Server Interface front server. - documentation will follow; basically, it allows an AS register itself with SR, process through whitch the AS tells SR: * what SIP methods it supports; * what parts of a SIP message it wants to receive. SR works as: * networking stack (for SIP) * SIP parser/assembler (UAS/UAC) * transactional layer

bpi authored on 14/01/2010 21:52:41
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- initial import of the 'binrpc' module, an evolution of the 'ctl' existing module; - uses the binrpc2 library; - adds parallelism (for all supported transports); - drops the FIFO transport (as being both slow and unconfortable); it was left out due to design considerations, but, if proved to be necessary, could probably be added back

bpi authored on 14/01/2010 21:47:57
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- import the libbinrpc library; this library is a evolution of the initial protocol described into and implemented by the 'ctl' module; - compared to 'binrpc' library, it adds (rather small) improvements to the original protocol, but offers a much more powerful API and incipient (but, in most of the cases enough) networking functionality; - compatibility with the initial protocol (and adjoined 'ctl' module) is planned (until then, will live as a parallel alternative); - original library's developed under http://developer.berlios.de/projects/libbinrpc/ ; - license changed from GPL2 to simplified BSD.

bpi authored on 14/01/2010 21:37:39
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b/f: in case of SHM OOM, new_dlg_uac() was leaking even more SHM

bpi authored on 14/01/2010 21:34:45
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removed use of debugging macros that were left out when importing the file into ser project

bpi authored on 14/01/2010 21:33:35
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top level define for SERLIBPATH so that it doesn't have to be defined in every module using a lib

bpi authored on 14/01/2010 21:31:30
January 13, 2010
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cr: remove obselete cr_prime_route function, use cr_nofallback_route instead

Henning Westerholt authored on 13/01/2010 09:59:44
January 8, 2010
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lib/srdb1 (k): add generic helper method for bulk data loading, e.g. for route infos

Henning Westerholt authored on 08/01/2010 17:26:11
January 7, 2010
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- fix bug in encode_contact() - fix and extend documentation about contact encoding/decoding (cherry picked from commit 8929913f5edb519b7ed280a12728376ed872ec53)

Klaus Darilion authored on 30/12/2009 15:53:12
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- fix bug when RURI was changed before and newuri will be used (cherry picked from commit 1e663ffa8129c4b24f21563c09a5bea4ecd65784)

Klaus Darilion authored on 30/12/2009 13:51:24
View 673f3cd3d1

- remove unused code - correct indention and make code more readable (cherry picked from commit 9eacaacb45fe700615ac94cc3944824f1b22fdc4)

root authored on 30/12/2009 13:25:01 • Klaus Darilion committed on 07/01/2010 15:02:15
January 6, 2010
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We need to parse all headers here. Otherwise, the Record-Route-Headers may be incomplete.

Carsten Bock authored on 06/01/2010 15:38:56