November 6, 2014
View d31eb3d11c

core: change the uid and gid for pid and pgid files

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 01/10/2014 15:27:49
April 2, 2012
View abb01fb410

core: Added void to declarations of functions with empty argument list

Marius Zbihlei authored on 02/04/2012 14:19:17
March 5, 2011
View f4136d7742

core: enable dumpable flag after setuid() on Linux

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 05/03/2011 23:51:41
August 19, 2010
View 83e91df144

core: daemon status/pipe fixes & interface changes

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 19/08/2010 18:03:54
April 21, 2010
View 9167c18650

core: The patch allows ser started in daemonize mode to return the proper error code.

Marius Zbihlei authored on 21/04/2010 09:35:16
October 19, 2009
View 5a03489e53

- Doxygen updates on core files - Add project name to doxygen in Makefile

oej authored on 19/10/2009 20:35:43
October 10, 2009
View 1d0661db4c

Adding doxygen template to all core .c files

oej authored on 10/10/2009 13:54:13
May 6, 2009
View 5dbe4f22dd

port from k r5751, fscanf can fail, fix warning related to recent glibc versions

Henning Westerholt authored on 06/05/2009 13:04:34
July 29, 2008
View d32f7ac428

- when starting ser in suid mode (e..g -u user), set also the supplementary groups of the respective user. Patch from Marcus Better <>.

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 29/07/2008 12:06:50
February 29, 2008
View 0d09b88d31

log_facility config parameter is declared in the cfg framework

Miklos Tirpak authored on 29/02/2008 10:04:49
June 7, 2007
View 71a0a583d1

- new script config vars: mlock_pages, shm_force_alloc, real_time, rt_prio, rt_policy, rt_timer1_prio, rt_timer1_policy, rt_timer2_prio, rt_timer2_policy (for more info see NEWS)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 07/06/2007 21:44:00
September 1, 2006
View db501a6a5c

- reverted LOG_NONE syslog_facility enabling no-syslog feature

Tomas Mandys authored on 01/09/2006 10:51:10
August 25, 2006
View 63dc566ef5

-added support for fake LOG_NONE syslog facility that disables syslogging completely

Tomas Mandys authored on 25/08/2006 15:27:08
May 15, 2006
View bc404f2b4a

- OS macro defined in Makefile.defs left unquoted and added OS_QUOTED. OS macro maybe used by 3rd party header in regular way, w/o quotes

Tomas Mandys authored on 15/05/2006 09:56:40
December 22, 2004
View c5e3887743

fixed compilation on MacOSX

Nils Ohlmeier authored on 22/12/2004 23:46:40