April 25, 2004
View 3cf541aa2d

Column version of table version renamed to table_version to avoid conflicts, reported by axelm@nic.at

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 21:00:29
View 7d837d13b1

Fixed bug reported by Axel.Boeger@freenet-ag.de -- Missing ; in To of NOTIFY when another parameter follows tag parameter in From in SUBSCRIBE.

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 20:37:48
View 0cbc5128de

A regular expression matching user does not match username anymore (caused wrong expansion of username to usernamename)

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 19:48:06
View 6de5485d8a

Added a note on make parameters Spellchecked

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 19:46:31
View 620d8899f8

qvalue related functions and types.

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 15:29:31
View 035f593ca5

Added the possibility to set priorities of URIs in the destination set.

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 15:13:24
April 23, 2004
View 4f49a6a1fa

The list of branches is turned into the list of contacts and appended to 3xx replies.

Jan Janak authored on 23/04/2004 15:17:30
April 14, 2004
View 0b5f5b2e7a

TTL parameter added

Jan Janak authored on 14/04/2004 19:08:55
April 13, 2004
View 6d13caa9ff

fixed security bug related to generating phplib_id of admin phplib_id should be difficulty to guess

Karel Kozlik authored on 13/04/2004 19:14:32
View b9ff3e8ad1

flag of admin permissions moved from table subscriber to table admin privileges column perms in table subscriber is not further needed

Karel Kozlik authored on 13/04/2004 19:11:08
April 1, 2004
View ae6680fa48

added 'pa pres' and 'pa loc' commands to ser_ctl

Jamey Hicks authored on 01/04/2004 17:52:17
View b380a7f8ac

- bug fixed in request() - after linking the RURI in the new dialog, calculate_hooks must be called to update next_hop

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 01/04/2004 17:06:07
View bfec97f8d0

- updated RE bugs - added a workarround for [^something] matches new line, courtesy of Bogdan

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 01/04/2004 13:40:43
March 31, 2004
View 8b57261de6

- changed a warning into a dbg

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 31/03/2004 11:01:20
View 74f6d2e34a

- fixed via->alias not translated bug in tm/sip_msg.c via_body_cloner (not criticial) - fixed parse_via, rport set instead of i (critical, could cause core dumps in some configuration involving tcp and would also open an extra tcp connection for replies, if stateless mode is used) - Makefile*: version number increase and excluded cpl-c and pa from compilation (they depend on libxml2, use make include="cpl-c pa" if you want to compile them)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 31/03/2004 09:29:55