October 22, 2009
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Documentation updates

oej authored on 22/10/2009 19:11:09
April 24, 2007
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updated information about authors (into Ottendorf branch will be added as soon as whole presence handbook will be finished)

Vaclav Kubart authored on 24/04/2007 06:44:07
June 26, 2006
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updated documentation for presence modules

Vaclav Kubart authored on 26/06/2006 14:59:29
April 7, 2006
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- XCAP queries moved into XCAP module, all other modules (and libs) are now independent on libcurl3 - parameter settings which was done via AVP (like xcap_root) and output variables (like subscription_status) changed to usage of global variables - due to problems with AVPs if functions called from script send requests (like NOTIFY from handle_subscripton - after sending it are AVPs cleared)

Vaclav Kubart authored on 07/04/2006 13:43:08
February 17, 2006
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Added presence B2BUA. It may be used for doing SIP subscriptions for RLS module.

Vaclav Kubart authored on 17/02/2006 10:04:56