( - todo, x - done)

- replace  remaining mallocs/frees at least in msg_translator.c
- add $(INCLUDES) to the Makefiles
- make ser suncc ready
- fix parse_cseq!!! (it doesnt parse 1234\n INVITE a.s.o)
x fix 0 parameter module f. call
x better Via parsing (handle ' ' in uri, eg: foo.bar : 1234 ; received=) and
 ipv6 addresses ([fec0:aa::01]).
- fix format string vulnerability in log()
- fix alignement access problems (warning on Sun)
x (different way) add request header bitmap field for the modules
- introduce variables & function in the script language (cfg. file)

High priority:
x fix/replace T_REF/T_UNREF
x review all the tm locking
x if () {} else {}
x plugin interface
x ipv6 support
x reply ("response line")
x drop ACKs for our replies
- icmp error handling
x add To-tag (for the replies)
x add User-Agent (for the replies)

Low priority:
x fix via address someday
- fix listen= case
x forward to received= if present
- make it easier to register a statically linkable module.
- add support for -u user and -g group (not only -u uid, -g uid)
- change uid/gid after opening the sockets
- add -t, -w, -u -g equivalents to the config file
- exec improvments (add format strings to it)
- command line switch for checking the config file syntax
- config file version (a la sendmail)
0 loop detection
- cfg. file reload
- flags for using names or ip adresses in Via ?

- use a  standard lex compatible .lex format (instead of flex)
- try & use native compiler & ld if possible

x make install
- init.d scripts (and rc.local? for *BSD or Slackware)
x man page
- autoconf scripts
x Debian package build files
x the same for rpm
- the same for FreeBSD and Slackware

x jku: branch hash computation over canonical values
0 jku: loop checking
- jku: try CRC as opposed to MD5