# $Id$
# SER cvs commit rules

1. Changing other people code:
 - send a patch to the code/module mantainer and/or serdev (don't commit changes to code you don't own if you don't have the mantainer's approval)
 a. compilation (this includes warning) fixes
 b. bug fixes
 c. api changes (some external functions definitions change)
 d. small changes due to a new release in the very near future (allowed only for the release manager)

2. Code requirements
2.1 Unstable branch:
 - the code must compile (at least on one arhitecture). If the code does not compile, but you still want to commit it, comment it out (#if 0 ... #endif)
 - the code should compile without warnings (with -Wall) (exceptions: very difficult to avoid warnings)
 - follow ser coding style

2.2. Stable branch (everything for unstable branch +)
 - the code must compile on all the arhitectures (this currently includes
   linux, freebsd, netbsd, openbsd, solaris >= 8; x86, ultrasparc, strongarm;
    gcc 2.95, 3.x, icc, sun cc >=5.3).
 - the code must be tested or the change trivial enough
 - the code must compile without warnings on all the arhitectures (with some exceptions)