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/* local timer routines
 * WARNING: this should be used only from within the same process.
 * The local timers are not multi-process or multi-thread safe 
 *  (there are no locks)
 * History:
 * --------
 *  2007-11-22  created by andrei

#ifndef _local_timer_h
#define _local_timer_h

#include "timer_ticks.h"
#include "timer_funcs.h"

struct local_timer {
	/* private timer information */
	ticks_t prev_ticks; /* last time we ran the timer */
	struct timer_lists timer_lst; /* actual timer lists */

#define local_timer_init(tl, fun, param, flgs) timer_init(tl, fun, param, flgs)

#define local_timer_reinit(tl) timer_reinit((tl))

int init_local_timer(struct local_timer *lt_handle, ticks_t crt_ticks);
void destroy_local_timer(struct local_timer* lt_handle);

int local_timer_add(struct local_timer* h, struct timer_ln* tl, ticks_t delta,
						ticks_t crt_ticks);

void local_timer_del(struct local_timer* h, struct timer_ln* tl);
void local_timer_run(struct local_timer* lt, ticks_t crt_ticks);

#endif /* _local_timer_h */