June 23, 2005
  Implemented routing and authorization validation.  The module can:
   o Request authorization and routing information from an OSP server
   o Use provided routes to:
     o Redirect the originating UI to all routes OR
     o Try all routes simultaneously using parallel forking OR
     o Try routes in the order they were received using sequential forking
   o Add and retrieve P-OSP-Auth-Token header
   o Perform local validation of the P-OSP-Auth-Token

September 12, 2005
   o Bug 4863 - the module will remove OSP Auth token from the incoming Invite
     after validating the token and before forwarding Invite to the next hop.
   o Bug 4891 - added a new flag 'validate_call_id' for disabling call id
     validation in OSP tokens.  The value is optional, call id validation
     can be turned off by setting the value to 0 (No).  It may be used for
     interoperability issues with some OSP clients sending invalid call ids
     in Authorization Requests.
   o Bug 4986 - changed return value for 'prepareallosproutes' from
     0 - stop routing logic to 1 - true
   o Bug 5039 - changed return value for 'preparenextosproute' when there is
     no more routes from 0 - stop routing logic to -1 - false
   o Bug 5039 - changed return value for 'preparenextosproute' when there is
   o Bug 4893 - sequential routing (in failure_route[1]) now checks for code 
     487 (Canceled) before trying the next OSP route.
     Note - this check does not work when UAC cancels the call while SER is 
     trying to connect to an unresponsive UAS, code 408 (time out) masks
     code 487.  See new function 't_was_cancelled' in the 'tm' module.
   o Bug 4892 - removed trailing binary chars from some log messages.
   o Bug 4987 - fixed a compile time error on Solaris
   o Bug 4946 - added README file

September 26, 2005
   o Bug 5094 - don't route the call if OSP token validation fails.
   o Bug 5109 - send "100 Trying" message before requesting OSP routes.
   o Bug 5111 - fixed typos in error messages.
   o Bug 5153 - removed trailing binary chars from P-OSP-Auth-Token header

October 3, 2005
   o Report OSP usage indications after the call set-up and tear down
     transactions complete.

October 17, 2005
   o Report call set-up usage indication after receiving either 200 or 202.
   o Report termination cause code for duration usage indications as 10,016
     instead of 1,016.
   o Improved error checking and logging.
   o Bug 5366 - removed a memory leak in usage reporting logic.

October 31, 2005
   o Copied files from cvs.berlios.de:/cvsroot/osp-module to cvs.berlios.de:/cvsroot/ser

2006 September 5
   o Using BRAND_ROUTE approach to add route specific header to avoid sending
     an OSP token to a non-OSP destination.
   o Using called number in Request-Line for token validation and auth request.
   o Sending DeviceInfo in "[x.x.x.x]" format in OSP AuthReq messages.
   o Using fromtag in RR to report who releases the call first.
   o Using AVP to add RR paramters for inserting OSP cookies.