* Copyright (C) 2012 Smile Communications, jason.penton@smilecoms.com
 * Copyright (C) 2012 Smile Communications, richard.good@smilecoms.com
 * The initial version of this code was written by Dragos Vingarzan
 * (dragos(dot)vingarzan(at)fokus(dot)fraunhofer(dot)de and the
 * Fruanhofer Institute. It was and still is maintained in a separate
 * branch of the original SER. We are therefore migrating it to
 * Kamailio/SR and look forward to maintaining it from here on out.
 * 2011/2012 Smile Communications, Pty. Ltd.
 * ported/maintained/improved by
 * Jason Penton (jason(dot)penton(at)smilecoms.com and
 * Richard Good (richard(dot)good(at)smilecoms.com) as part of an
 * effort to add full IMS support to Kamailio/SR using a new and
 * improved architecture
 * NB: Alot of this code was originally part of OpenIMSCore,
 * FhG Fokus.
 * Copyright (C) 2004-2006 FhG Fokus
 * Thanks for great work! This is an effort to
 * break apart the various CSCF functions into logically separate
 * components. We hope this will drive wider use. We also feel
 * that in this way the architecture is more complete and thereby easier
 * to manage in the Kamailio/SR environment
 * This file is part of Kamailio, a free SIP server.
 * Kamailio is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version
 * Kamailio is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA

#ifndef USRLOC_H
#define USRLOC_H

#include <time.h>
#include "../../core/counters.h"
#include "ul_callback.h"
#include "../../core/qvalue.h"
#include "../../core/str.h"
#include "../../modules/tm/dlg.h"
#include "../cdp/diameter_ims_code_avp.h"

#define NO_DB         0
#define WRITE_BACK    2		//not implemented yet
#define DB_ONLY	      3		//not implemented yet


#define ALIAS        "alias="
#define ALIAS_LEN (sizeof(ALIAS) - 1)

#define RINSTANCE   "rinstance="
#define RINSTANCE_LEN (sizeof(RINSTANCE) - 1)

#define VALID_CONTACT(c, t)   ((c->expires>t) || (c->expires==0))

#define SEARCH_SERVICE_ROUTES 1<<0      /* bitmap of extra search functionality when searching for contacts */

struct hslot; /*!< Hash table slot */
struct socket_info;

int get_alias_host_from_contact(str *contact_uri_params, str *alias_host);

struct udomain {
    str* name; /*!< Domain name (NULL terminated) */
    int size; /*!< Hash table size */
    struct hslot* table; /*!< Hash table - array of collision slots */
    /* statistics */
    stat_var *contacts; /*!< no of registered contacts */
    stat_var *expired; /*!< no of expires */
typedef struct udomain udomain_t;

/** Public Identity Structure */
typedef struct {
    char barring; /**< Barring state									*/
    str public_identity; /**< Public Identity string							*/
    str wildcarded_psi; /** if exists is the wildcarded psi					*/
} ims_public_identity;

/** TLS SA Information */
typedef struct tls {
    unsigned short port_tls; /**< Port UE TLS						*/
    unsigned long session_hash;
} tls_t;

/** IPSec SA Information */
typedef struct ipsec {
    unsigned int spi_uc; /**< SPI Client to use					*/
    unsigned int spi_us; /**< SPI Server to use					*/
    unsigned int spi_pc; /**< SPI Client to use					*/
    unsigned int spi_ps; /**< SPI Server to use					*/
    unsigned short port_uc; /**< Port UE Client						*/
    unsigned short port_us; /**< Port UE Server						*/
    unsigned short port_pc; /**< Port Proxy Client		*/
    unsigned short port_ps; /**< Port Proxy Server      */

    str ealg; /**< Cypher Algorithm - ESP				*/
    str r_ealg; /**< received Cypher Algorithm - ESP	*/
    str ck; /**< Cypher Key							*/
    str alg; /**< Integrity Algorithm - AH			*/
    str r_alg; /**<received Integrity Algorithm - AH	*/
    str ik; /**< Integrity Key						*/
    str prot; /**< Protocol (ah/esp) */
    str mod; /**< Mode (transport/tunnel) */
} ipsec_t;

typedef enum sec_type {
} security_type;

typedef struct security {
    str sec_header; /**< Security Header value 				*/
    security_type type; /**< Type of security in use			*/

    union {
        ipsec_t *ipsec; /**< IPSec SA information, if any		*/
        tls_t *tls; /**< TLS SA information, if any		*/
    } data;
    float q;
} security_t;

typedef struct udomain_head {
    str* name;
} udomain_head_t;

/* public identity structure. To be associated with a contact */
typedef struct ppublic {
    str public_identity; /**< Public identity */
    char is_default; /**< is this the default identity for the contact */
    struct ppublic* next;
    struct ppublic* prev;
} ppublic_t;

/** Enumeration for public identity Registration States */
enum pcontact_reg_states {
    PCONTACT_NOT_REGISTERED = 1<<0, /**< User not-registered, no profile stored	*/
    PCONTACT_REGISTERED = 1<<1, /**< User registered						*/
    PCONTACT_REG_PENDING = 1<<2, /**< User not-registered, profile stored	*/
    PCONTACT_REG_PENDING_AAR = 1<<3, /**< User not-registered, profile stored, AAR sent	*/

static inline char* reg_state_to_string(enum pcontact_reg_states reg_state) {
    switch (reg_state) {
            return "not registered";
            return "registered";
            return "registration pending";
            return "unregistered";
            return "deregistration pending, publish sent";
            return "registration pending, aar sent";
            return "unknown";

typedef struct pcontact_info {
    unsigned short searchflag; /*!search flag - what to search on */
    unsigned short extra_search_criteria;
    str aor; /* contact uri */
    str via_host;
    unsigned short via_port;
    unsigned short via_prot;
    str received_host;
    unsigned short received_port;
    unsigned short received_proto; /*!< from transport */
    str* path;
    time_t expires;
    str* callid;
    str* public_ids;
    int num_public_ids;
    str* service_routes;
    int num_service_routes;
    str* rx_regsession_id;
    enum pcontact_reg_states reg_state;
} pcontact_info_t;

/*! \brief
 * Basic hash table element
typedef struct pcontact {
    unsigned int aorhash; /*!< Hash over address of record */
    unsigned int sl; /*!< slot number */
    struct hslot* slot; /*!< Collision slot in the hash table array we belong to */
    str* domain; /*!< Pointer to domain we belong to (null terminated string) */
    str aor; /*!< Address of record */
    str rinstance;
    str contact_host; /*!< host part of contact */
    str contact_user; /*!< user part of contact */
    unsigned short contact_port; /*!< port part of contact */
    str callid; /*!< Call-ID */
    str received_host; /*!< host part of src address where register came from */
    unsigned short received_port; /*!< port register was received from */
    unsigned short received_proto;
    /*!< from transport */;
    str via_host;
    unsigned short via_port;
    unsigned short via_proto;
    str path; /*!< Path header */
    str rx_session_id; /*!< Rx Session ID for registration Rx AF session - not used if not using diameter_rx */
    enum pcontact_reg_states reg_state; /*!< Reg state of contact */
    time_t expires; /*!< expires time for contact */
    str* service_routes; /*!< Array of service routes */
    unsigned short num_service_routes; /*!< Number of service routes */
    security_t *security; /**< Security-Client Information		*/
    security_t *security_temp; /**< Security-Client Information (temp)	*/
    ppublic_t* head; /*!< list of associated public identities */
    ppublic_t* tail;
    struct socket_info *sock; /*!< received socket */
    struct ulcb_head_list cbs; /*!< contact callback list */
    struct pcontact* prev; /*!< Next item in the hash entry */
    struct pcontact* next; /*!< Previous item in the hash entry */
} pcontact_t;

typedef int (*get_pcontact_t)(struct udomain* _d, pcontact_info_t* contact_info, struct pcontact** _c);

typedef int (*assert_identity_t)(struct udomain* _d, str * _host, unsigned short _port, unsigned short _proto, str * _identity);

typedef int (*insert_pcontact_t)(struct udomain* _d, str* _aor, struct pcontact_info* ci, struct pcontact** _c);
typedef int (*delete_pcontact_t)(struct udomain* _d, struct pcontact* _c);
typedef int (*unreg_pending_contacts_cb_t)(struct udomain* _d, struct pcontact* _c, int type);
typedef int (*update_pcontact_t)(struct udomain* _d, struct pcontact_info* ci, struct pcontact* _c);
typedef int (*update_rx_regsession_t)(struct udomain* _d, str* session_id, struct pcontact* _c);

typedef void (*lock_udomain_t)(struct udomain* _d, str *via_host, unsigned short via_port, unsigned short via_proto);
typedef void (*unlock_udomain_t)(struct udomain* _d, str *via_host, unsigned short via_port, unsigned short via_proto);
typedef int (*register_udomain_t)(const char* _n, struct udomain** _d);
typedef int (*get_udomain_t)(const char* _n, udomain_t** _d);
typedef int (*get_all_ucontacts_t)(void* buf, int len, unsigned int flags, unsigned int part_idx, unsigned int part_max);

/*security related API signatures */
typedef int (*update_security_t)(struct udomain* _d, security_type _t, security_t* _s, struct pcontact* _c);
typedef int (*update_temp_security_t)(struct udomain* _d, security_type _t, security_t* _s, struct pcontact* _c);

/* statistic APIs */
typedef unsigned long(*get_number_of_contacts_t)();

/*! usrloc API export structure */
typedef struct usrloc_api {
    int use_domain; /*! use_domain module parameter */
    int db_mode; /*! db_mode module parameter */

    register_udomain_t register_udomain;
    get_udomain_t get_udomain;
    lock_udomain_t lock_udomain;
    unlock_udomain_t unlock_udomain;

    insert_pcontact_t insert_pcontact;
    delete_pcontact_t delete_pcontact;
    unreg_pending_contacts_cb_t unreg_pending_contacts_cb;
    get_pcontact_t get_pcontact;
    assert_identity_t assert_identity;

    update_pcontact_t update_pcontact;
    update_rx_regsession_t update_rx_regsession;
    get_all_ucontacts_t get_all_ucontacts;

    update_security_t update_security;
    update_temp_security_t update_temp_security;

    register_ulcb_t register_ulcb;

	get_number_of_contacts_t get_number_of_contacts;
} usrloc_api_t;

/*! usrloc API export bind function */
typedef int (*bind_usrloc_t)(usrloc_api_t* api);