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simple_conference - simple example of conference mixer Due to the dialout function in the 'conference' application plugin, the source code of the conference plugin is somewhat obfuscated. Therefore this simple shows how simple it actually is to use the conference mixer provided by the core: The Session only needs to get a conference "channel" (a connection to the mixer) from the conference "status" (which is one conference room), and set it as input and output. It could actually be made even simpler, but one interesting feature is left in here: if someone enters or leaves the conference room, a sound is played to everyone. This shows how useful the playlist is: We can have the conference channel, our connector to the conference, always in the playlist, and if we want to play a file, we can simply put it in front of the playlist. When the file later is finished, the playlist automatically selects the next item, which is again out conference channel. Hopefully this example will be a good start for further custom conference application development.