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serviceline application This application could serve for something like a service line: The caller calls the service number, and gets an ivr menu, from where she can be connected to various numbers - by pressing 0 she is connected to one number, by pressing 1 to another number etc. The outgoing call is connected in B2BUA mode with media relay ('b2abua'), so technically the two legs are independent sip dialogs and media sessions. The outgoing calls (B leg) are optionally SIP authenticated, so for example, normal gateways can be used. The uac_auth module must be loaded for this to work. If the uac_auth module is not loaded, the outgoing calls are not authenticated. To extend this module with so useful things like prompt on failed call, leave message fwdd via email on failed call etc is left as an exercise to the reader. Improvements are of course welcome as svn diff to the semsdev mailing list.