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mixin_announce This module demonstrates the AmAudioMixIn, used in the IVR, where it is called IvrAudioMixIn. The AmAudioMixIn is an audio device that uses two AmAudio 'devices' (in the IVR: IvrAudioFile) as audio sources, plays the first one, and periodically mixes in the second one. The period, i.e. the time between two times mixing in the second audio, can be specified, as well as the level with which the second one is mixed into the first. The last parameter, a boolean, specifies whether playback of the second audio should be finished if the first is finished while mixing in the second. With the mix_once and the mix_immediate it can be specified whether it should be mixed in onyl once, and whether it should be mixed in immediately. E.g. if there should be some prompt or info tone played into the background of a call, mix_once=True and mix_immediate=True are useful. If level == 0, playback of the first is not continued when playing the second, which means that it continues right where it was before playback of the second started. IVR usage: init(IvrAudioFile first, IvrAudioFile second, int interval, float level, boolean finish, boolean mix_once, boolean mix_immediate) C++ usage: AmAudioMixIn:: AmAudioMixIn(AmAudio* A, AmAudioFile* B, unsigned int interval, double level, int flags); where flags definitions can be found in AmAudioMixIn.h