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REDIS blacklist call control module This call control module can check a REDIS ( DB for a blacklist. If the queried value is found int he blacklist, the call is refused with "403 Unauthorized" or dropped. The query to execute at REDIS can be configured freely, by setting argc and argv. Any non-zero value/non-empty string value returned will be evaluated as blacklist hit. Requirements: hiredis - C REDIS client library, from , e.g. $ git clone git:// Parameters: argc - number of arguments argv_<no> - command and arguments action - "drop" : silently drop "refuse" (default) refuse with 403 Unauthorized Example: Check SET 'blacklist' for the From URI user part, refuse if found: call_control=bl_redis bl_redis_module=cc_bl_redis bl_redis_argc=3 bl_redis_argv_0=SISMEMBER bl_redis_argv_1=blacklist bl_redis_argv_2=$fU Check SET 'blacklist' for the Request URI user part, drop if found: call_control=bl_redis bl_redis_module=cc_bl_redis bl_redis_action=drop bl_redis_argc=3 bl_redis_argv_0=SISMEMBER bl_redis_argv_1=blacklist bl_redis_argv_2=$rU