May 28, 2007
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allows to give dialout sessions a variant parameter with the call to AmUAC::dialout. Plugin interface stays backward compatible by overloading the AmSessionFactory::onInvite - applications that want to use this feature need to implement the onInvite function with second parameter.

Stefan Sayer authored on 28/05/2007 21:33:49
March 28, 2007
View 643a3845

fixes debug messages

Stefan Sayer authored on 28/03/2007 02:08:42
March 8, 2007
View 4ddc7a67

- suppressed all hard-coded "P-Iptel-..." and replaced through PARAM_HDR and APPNAME_HDR. - changed PARAM_HDR to "P-App-Param" - changed APPNAME_HDR to "P-App-Name"

Raphael Coeffic authored on 08/03/2007 12:38:00
March 7, 2007
View 7c964b9b

unifies indentation level in all source files to 2 (-i2)

Stefan Sayer authored on 07/03/2007 20:34:39
February 27, 2007
View 4a82d793

- added a centralized pseudo-random number function. - changed rand() calls to get_random(). - added/fixed ssrc (RTP header) generation.

Raphael Coeffic authored on 27/02/2007 13:27:32
January 12, 2007
View 14489dd1

some extensions to ivr * new methods onSipRequest/onSipReply, the whole AmSipReply/AmSipRequest structure is passed to python SipDialog * state is changed only on reply to INVITE, not other requests * made pin_collect work

Stefan Sayer authored on 12/01/2007 21:08:30
December 4, 2006
View 04938cc1

* introduces new plugin type: session-less ua behaviour can be implemented with a AmSIPEventHandler plugin, which receives replies to requests outside of a dialog.

Stefan Sayer authored on 04/12/2006 19:08:13
September 13, 2006
View c98b38ec

fixes sems originating sessions (conference dialout, b2b)

Stefan Sayer authored on 13/09/2006 14:38:23
September 11, 2006
View 4e6ce9cb

dialout. see AmUAC for API.

Stefan Sayer authored on 11/09/2006 15:21:00
April 25, 2006
View c7a51805

Many thanks to Rick van Rein for this patch. Here are his explainations to the path:

Raphael Coeffic authored on 25/04/2006 05:49:25
April 11, 2006
View 555dd79d

reorganized session beginning: - sdp reply generation is now separated from the reply. - new onInvite. corrected a bug in getSession(callid,remote_tag).

Raphael Coeffic authored on 11/04/2006 15:45:51
March 20, 2006
View 14c69b16

moved the user timer (used to be known as AmSessionTimer) to the session_timer plugin. added a multi-purpose plugin type. see also AmApi.h for details.

Raphael Coeffic authored on 20/03/2006 12:49:35
March 17, 2006
View 37abd537

initial checkin new open source version.

Raphael Coeffic authored on 17/03/2006 13:16:06