February 23, 2011
View 6b7ebda3

b/f: small mem leak (AmSdp telev pl)

Stefan Sayer authored on 23/02/2011 23:27:27
November 15, 2010
View 6c76050b

increased SDP buffer size to 4k

Stefan Sayer authored on 15/11/2010 15:14:06
November 3, 2010
View 10ba13bf

add unknown attributes (a=) parsing

Stefan Sayer authored on 03/11/2010 17:36:20
View 5e749304

AmSdp::print function

Stefan Sayer authored on 03/11/2010 14:09:50
September 23, 2010
View 7dcb7e2a

added OpenSSL linking exception to license

Stefan Sayer authored on 23/09/2010 14:41:49
January 19, 2009
View 6dcd9e5c

fix: reject streams in SDP answer that we don't support/want reject streams offered with port 0 aswell

Stefan Sayer authored on 19/01/2009 17:14:00
March 19, 2008
View 9e304823

o moved payload selection to AmPlugIn o possiblity to use other than the system (AmPlugIn) payloads for negotiation

Stefan Sayer authored on 19/03/2008 13:26:03
March 18, 2008
View 8ce0158a

setting correct origin

Stefan Sayer authored on 18/03/2008 15:01:21
March 14, 2008
View 000050e9

interpreting encoding param (channels) correctly

Stefan Sayer authored on 14/03/2008 17:33:22
View ff075f58

NEW SDP parser, have fun :D (and test...)

Mikkel Liisberg authored on 14/03/2008 12:09:52
January 28, 2008
View 9411ad3a

fixes for SEMS on Solaris contributed by Richard Newman rnewman at twinql dot com

Stefan Sayer authored on 28/01/2008 18:17:36
October 4, 2007
View b5c6354a

support for setting the URI of a session in SDP

Stefan Sayer authored on 04/10/2007 20:34:09
August 1, 2007
View 019791dd

fixes o SEMS-7: RTP extension headers may be ignored if ignore_rtpxheaders=yes set in config file o if changing payload type fails, packet will not be processed o minor code beautification and comments added/corrected

Stefan Sayer authored on 01/08/2007 18:44:57
March 23, 2007
View 3b527c23

Include all possible payload types into 200 OK and actually accept any of them in the RTP stream. It is possible to disable this new behaviour using single_codec_in_ok parameter in the sems.conf.

Maxim Sobolev authored on 23/03/2007 21:30:44
March 7, 2007
View 7c964b9b

unifies indentation level in all source files to 2 (-i2)

Stefan Sayer authored on 07/03/2007 20:34:39