December 2, 2013
View 26a81fa5

sbc:added missing (C) notices

Stefan Sayer authored on 02/12/2013 16:37:12
November 21, 2013
View d84d35fe

b/f:sbc: fix ignoring replies due to id mismatch with transparent dlg ids

Stefan Sayer authored on 21/11/2013 16:42:44
November 19, 2013
View 73a42e79

sbc: some more verbose on holdAccepted

Stefan Sayer authored on 19/11/2013 13:15:25
November 13, 2013
View 272b5c61

b/f:sbc:hold - if INVITE pending, queue hold/unhold re-INVITE

Stefan Sayer authored on 13/11/2013 23:10:51
View 2044fd3d

Merge remote-tracking branch 'frafos/1.6-dev' into 1.6-dev-ccdsm

Stefan Sayer authored on 13/11/2013 16:02:45
November 11, 2013
View 1a5f0456

sbc: allow to preserve media session when disconnecting

Václav Kubart authored on 11/11/2013 09:16:36
November 8, 2013
View 6660ad72

sbc: made AmB2BMedia refcounting more explicit

Stefan Sayer authored on 08/11/2013 11:07:26
November 7, 2013
View 91915523

sbc: use non-hold SDP if possible when adding new callee

Václav Kubart authored on 07/11/2013 13:36:24
View 640fe619

sbc: new event for asynchronous held call resume

Václav Kubart authored on 07/11/2013 13:34:02
View dcb3fa5c

sbc b/f: signalize hold/resume request before creating the hold/resume request itself

Václav Kubart authored on 07/11/2013 08:51:21
November 6, 2013
View 01482186

sbc b/f: apply remote SDP again if RTP mode changed during OA exchange

Václav Kubart authored on 06/11/2013 12:32:18
View a99c7a2b

sbc:rtprelay_dtmf_filtering and rtprelay_dtmf_detection options

Stefan Sayer authored on 05/11/2013 23:55:52
November 5, 2013
View b8f4e37a

sbc: improved hold handling

Václav Kubart authored on 05/11/2013 08:47:30
November 2, 2013
View d13a9b6d

sbc: CallLeg::getCallStatusStr function to get sbc call status string

Stefan Sayer authored on 02/11/2013 15:00:44
View 3bedae6b

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ccdsm

Stefan Sayer authored on 02/11/2013 13:53:37