twitter app 

everyone does twitter, so does 

this is a simple ivr application to record a message and tweet the link to it.

It uses to shorten the link, and python twyt
( to actually post the tweet. 
Install twyt with or copy the directory 'twyt' into /usr/lib/sems/ivr/.

You need to setup a web server to serve the files where they are recorded.

The twitter account, and optionally the tweet, may be sent either in the
INVITE request URI: 

or sent as P-App-Param header:
 P-App-Param: u=twitter_user;p=twitter_password;m=tweet_text
 P-App-Param: u=twitter_user;p=twitter_password

tweet_text may be url-encoded (hi%20there).

The maximum length of a message is 180s (it's about short nonsense, isn't it?).

sample messages: 

welcome_msg.wav : welcome! iptel does twitter. record your tweet and hit a key.

twit_account_msg.wav : welcome! iptel does twitter, but you need to set your account first. 
head over to iptel dot org slash service, and enter your account in the extras tab. 
you can also set the account in the call forwarding settings. see you!

twit_posting_msg.wav: ok, i try to tweet this now.

twit_ok_msg.wav: thanks, your tweet has been posted.

twit_err_msg.wav: sorry, i think your twitter account does not work.

Tweet from 
Call to leave a tweet on's feed: 

Set your twitter account in serweb "other" settings to leave tweets on your own feed by calling
the number 1010 ( or the vanity number 8948 (twit). You can also call 
sip:twit;<twitter user>;<twitter pwd>;<tweet> from anywhere.

Have a look at for details.