#ifndef _trans_table_h_
#define _trans_table_h_

#include "hash_table.h"
#include "cstring.h"
#include "sip_trans.h"

#define H_TABLE_POWER   10

class trans_bucket: 
    public ht_bucket<sip_trans>
    trans_bucket(unsigned long id);

    friend class hash_table<trans_bucket>;


    typedef ht_bucket<sip_trans>::value_list trans_list;

    // Match a request to UAS/UAC transactions
    // in this bucket
    sip_trans* match_request(sip_msg* msg, unsigned int ttype);

    // Match a PRACK request against transactions
    // in this bucket
    sip_trans* match_1xx_prack(sip_msg* msg);

    // Match a reply to UAC transactions
    // in this bucket
    sip_trans* match_reply(sip_msg* msg);

    // Find the latest UAC transaction matching dialog_id
    sip_trans* find_uac_trans(const cstring& dialog_id, unsigned int inv_cseq);

    // Add a new transaction using provided message and type
    sip_trans* add_trans(sip_msg* msg, unsigned int ttype);

    // Append the provided transaction to this bucket
    void append(sip_trans* t);

    sip_trans* match_200_ack(sip_trans* t,sip_msg* msg);

trans_bucket* get_trans_bucket(const cstring& callid, const cstring& cseq_num);
trans_bucket* get_trans_bucket(unsigned int h);

unsigned int hash(const cstring& ci, const cstring& cs);

#define BRANCH_BUF_LEN 8

void compute_branch(char* branch/*[BRANCH_BUF_LEN]*/, 
		    const cstring& callid, const cstring& cseq);


void compute_sl_to_tag(char* to_tag/*[SL_TOTAG_LEN]*/, const sip_msg* msg);

void dumps_transactions();