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# # $Id$ # # Route & Record-Route module # Module depends on: None Exported Parameters: ------------------- Name: append_fromtag Type: int Default: 1 (yes) Desc: if turned on, request's from-tag is appended to record-route; that's useful for understanding whether subsequent requests (such as BYE) come from caller (route's from-tag==BYE's from-tag) or callee (route's from-tag==BYE's to-tag) Exported Functions: ------------------ Name: loose_route Params: - Desc: The function performs loose routing as defined in RFC3261. See the RFC for more details. Name: strict_route Params: - Desc: If there are any Route HFs in the message, the function takes the first one, rewrites Request-URI with it's value and removes the first URI from Route HFs. Name: record_route Params: lr - if set to 1, the function adds also lr parameter which indicates loose routing support. Desc: The function adds a new Record-Route header field. The header field will be inserted in the message before any other Record-Route header fields.