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# # $Id$ # From: Bogdan Andrei Iancu <> Max-Forward (maxfwd) Module 1.Description Implements all the operations regarding MAX-Forward header, like adding it (if not present) or decrementing and checking the value of the existent one 2.Module parameters None. 3.Exported functions - mf_process_maxfwd_header(max_value) If no Max-Forward header is present in the received request, a header will be added having the original value equal with "max_value". An OK code is returned by the function. If a Max-Forward header is already present, its value will be decremented. If after this operation its value will be positive non-zero, an OK code will be returned. Otherwise (for a zero value) an error code will be returned. Note that an error code will be also returned if the SIP message couldn't be parsed or if the Max-Forwrd header's body invalid (non numerical string or negative numerical value) 4.Modules dependency None.