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# # README of enum module -- Juha Heinanen Dec 27, 2002 # Enum module implements enum_query function that makes an enum query based on the user part of the current request URI. The function assumes that the user part consists of an international phone number of the form +decimal-digits, where the number of digits is at least 2 and at most 15. Out of this number enum_query forms a domain name, where the digits are in reverse order and separated by dots followed by For example, if the user part is +35831234567, the domain name will be After forming the name, enum_query queries from DNS its NAPTR records. From the possible response the current version of enum_query chooses the FIRST record, whose flags field has string value "u" and whose service field has string value "e2u+sip" (case is ignored in both cases). If no such record is found, enum_query returns -1. If such a record is found, enum_query checks if its regexp field is of the form !xxx!yyy!. If yes, enum_query replaces the current request uri with yyy, which it assumes to contain a sip or sips type ur, and returns value 1. In order for this to yield the desired result, the regular expression in xxx must be greedy, e.g., "^.*$", that matches the whole of any string. The current version of enum_query doesn't check that. If the regexp field is not of the form !xxx!yyy!, enum_query returns -1. In addition to enum_query, enum module implements is_from_user_e164 function that checks if the user part of from URI is an E164 number. TODO: In enum_query, more checks and proper implementation of the NAPTR record selection algorithm by taking into account the order and preference fields (see draft-ietf-sipping-e164-02). Exported parameters: ------------------- None. Exported Functions: ------------------ Name: enum_query() Params: - Desc: Replaces the current request uri with the result of a successful enum query on the user part of the current request uri, which is assumed to be of the form +up-to-15-decimal-digits. Returns -1 if enum_query fails and 1 otherwise. Name: is_from_user_e164() Params: - Desc: Checks if the user part of from URI an E164 number of the form +up-to-15-decimal-digits. Returns 1 if yes and -1 if not.