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DBTEXT module ------------- The module implements a simplified database engine based on text files. It can be used by DB interface of SER instead of other database modules (like MySQL). The module has no parameters or exported methods for usage in SER's scripts. Design of engine ---------------- - a database is represented by a directory - a table is represented by a text file from db directory Internal format of table ------------------------ - first line is the definition of the columns * the name of column must not include white spaces * the format of column description: "name(type,attr)" * the type of columns can be 'int', 'double' or 'str' (strings with size less than 4KB) * a column can have one of the attributes > null - accept null values in a field of that column > auto - only for 'int' columns, the value is auto-incremented if is not provided a value in queries > if no attribute is set, the fields of the column cannot have null value - each other line is a row with data - each field is separated by ':' - no value between two ':' (or between ':' and start/end of row) means null value - next characters must be escaped in strings: '\n', '\r', '\t', ':' - 0 -- the zero value must be escaped too Sample of a table ----------------- -> id(int,auto) name(str) flag(double) desc(str,null) 1:nick:0.34:a\tgood\: friend 2:cole:-3.75:colleague 3:lina:2.50: <-