Database Related Questions Mar 10 16:46:33 ttalksvr /usr/sbin/ser[6592]: connect_db(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) Make sure your MySQL server is running. I get the following error: 0(5164) db_init(): Error while trying to connect database 0(5164) mod_init(): Error while connecting database 0(5164) init_modules(): Error while initializing module usrloc Modules using database have variable called db_url which contains username, password, hostname, and name of the database. Make sure the settings are correct. See module documentation for more information. Does MySQL/Postgres/Whatever have to reside on localhost? No. Why do I need a database ? Many modules need the database. Authentication modules retrieve users' credentials from the database, user location module can be configured to store registered bindings into the database, accounting module can use database to store CDR and so on. Which database engines are supported ? Currently we support MySQL, Postgres and plaintext files. Which database engine should I use ? That depends on your requirements. Performance aspects are probably not very important. The most stable and proven is MySQL module. Also serctl utility works well with this database. Another option is postgres support which was donated by Greg Fausak. The module still new and not that mature (read proven) yet. People using the module reported that it worked well. Last option is dbtext module which uses plaintext files to store the data. This module is somewhat experimental and shouldn't be used for any serious deployment. The module is quite slow, but it can fit well into small installations containing only a couple of users or demos where you need to change the content of the database often by hand.