August 29, 2002
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process_no assignment made more consistent -- that also fixed a problem with fifo_server calling init_child(0), which some modules expected to receive only once

Jiri Kuthan authored on 29/08/2002 16:08:56
View 44c101f8f0

Adding some configuration files for radius

ssi authored on 29/08/2002 15:17:02
View 88d4cea557

Adding the accounting cfg file used for testing...

ssi authored on 29/08/2002 15:14:54
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*** empty log message ***

Jan Janak authored on 29/08/2002 13:53:33
August 28, 2002
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new UsrLoc commands introduced

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/08/2002 23:43:31
View aa7d1ace1b

bug fixes

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/08/2002 23:04:56
View 1837681fbe

added new commands for backing up

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/08/2002 22:59:28
View 0ef6711e7c

Changed message in register_stats() to INFO msg (instead of warning) if snmp module is not loaded

ric authored on 28/08/2002 21:31:24
View b1f1656ee3

FAT bug_fix: An unfortuntately big fix of bug which has not been unfortunetly understood :-( . Suddenly, TM started segfaulting on start-up. In gdb, there was lot of confusion among automatic and static variable -- funny thing, p1==p2 but *p1!=*p2. I resturucted TM again, made non-automatic variables in question (hash_table) static, and split it in timers and transaction table, both in separate files.

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/08/2002 21:24:28
View db1bef06fe

init_stats() doesn't check for a valid filename anymore. This is now done by dump_all_statistic()

ric authored on 28/08/2002 20:21:46
View f62a73998c

snmp module added

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/08/2002 19:30:38
View 40ea70f430

- Added -D flag to allow forking of snmp agent (WITH_SNMP_MOD)

ric authored on 28/08/2002 19:01:24
View 2f781952cc

- Added code to start snmp agent before forking children

ric authored on 28/08/2002 19:00:08
View 811c8ef089

- New stats code

ric authored on 28/08/2002 18:59:38
View 43d0c484fa

bug_fix: make -Wall happy

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/08/2002 18:03:39