November 13, 2014
View c237310ebf

app_python Avoid collission in name space - rename init_modules to ap_init_modules

Olle E. Johansson authored on 13/11/2014 11:16:25
February 9, 2013
View ae0183fe5a

app_python: fixed compilation errors and warnings.

Konstantin Mosesov authored on 09/02/2013 14:39:49
January 21, 2013
View da007aaf6a

app_python: reverted changes (dlflags)

Konstantin Mosesov authored on 21/01/2013 17:40:19
January 20, 2013
View 4cc713182c

app_python: - fixed runtime warning: exports dlflags interface is deprecated and it will not be supported in newer versions; consider using mod_register() instead - python routines can be called in any routes.

Konstantin Mosesov authored on 20/01/2013 15:38:06
December 11, 2012
View 230919ad2e

app_python: Moved all python scripts to 'python_examples' folder. app_python: Applied a few recent patches for better stack trace. app_python: Fixed a possible segfault on double free. app_python: Added python abstraction layers Router.Core, Router.Ranks, Router.Logger. app_python: Moved all logging stuff to layer Router.Logger, e.g., Router.Logger.LM_ERR(...). app_python: Added 'ranks' constants and moved to Router.Ranks, e.g., Router.Ranks.PROC_MAIN.

Konstantin Mosesov authored on 11/12/2012 12:24:08
December 3, 2012
View acbeda46ac

app_python: expand log facilities

Konstantin M authored on 03/12/2012 23:26:36 • Ovidiu Sas committed on 03/12/2012 23:29:07
View 6a45c8eba3

app_python: fix compiler warnings - patch provided by "Konstantin M <>"

Konstantin M authored on 03/12/2012 03:21:05 • Ovidiu Sas committed on 03/12/2012 03:21:05
November 1, 2011
View d05616d819

app_python: fixing clone string for dirname and basename

Michal Karas authored on 17/10/2011 09:18:51 • Daniel-Constantin Mierla committed on 01/11/2011 22:37:12
July 16, 2011
View 53605f2ca1

app_python: provide a clone string to dirname and basename

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 16/07/2011 22:28:26
January 29, 2010
View 2cef856586

Revert "Revert "Add Python module, still WIP, but should be usable. No xml"."

sobomax authored on 29/01/2010 12:48:21
View e08eaddb18

Revert "Add Python module, still WIP, but should be usable. No xml". Hopefully Gods of GIT will be more forgiving to poor me this time.

sobomax authored on 29/01/2010 12:42:06
View a527b1eb52

Add Python module, still WIP, but should be usable. No xml documentation yet, some notes can be found here:

sobomax authored on 29/01/2010 12:30:28