April 13, 2006
View 55b1413e3b

- remove useless columnt

Jan Janak authored on 13/04/2006 16:04:46
View 20c30229c0

- include cpl table

Jan Janak authored on 13/04/2006 16:04:34
View 3da9de0345

- cpl table definition (uid version)

Jan Janak authored on 13/04/2006 16:03:58
April 12, 2006
View e6a2b12e54

- msg_send(), udp_send() and tcp_send() parameter list changed (now they use a struct dest_info to pack several of the old params)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 12/04/2006 18:04:23
View 733145b348

- write the format of tables into dump

Jan Janak authored on 12/04/2006 15:11:38
View b4951ead82

Serctl's packaging rules updated.

Jan Halla authored on 12/04/2006 13:45:38
April 11, 2006
View 80ec566662

changed QSA - prepared for internal subscription parameters and reduced memory allocations

Vaclav Kubart authored on 11/04/2006 15:48:24
View 17d9dfcfe1

- fix_param returns 1 when FPARAM_INT is used and the parameter is not a number Closes SER-101

Jan Janak authored on 11/04/2006 13:12:17
View 2c51118951

- cosmetic change, FPARAM_ASCIIZ renamed to FPARAM_STRING Closes SER-102

Jan Janak authored on 11/04/2006 13:02:03
April 10, 2006
View 6c8c0c5d50

corrected content-type propagation through QSA

Vaclav Kubart authored on 10/04/2006 16:59:07
View bdd5164f86

removed tables for server monitoring - no more needed

Karel Kozlik authored on 10/04/2006 14:39:57
View a629e5bb93

added default values of global attributes

Karel Kozlik authored on 10/04/2006 14:20:20
View 188ccc0cfc

added default value to column 'last_modified' in table 'domain' (this change is required by serweb)

Karel Kozlik authored on 10/04/2006 13:24:29
April 7, 2006
View 58d0d1b5b6

- separate memdbg log level which controls the memory/malloc related debug messages (to see them ser must be compiled with malloc debuging: -DDBG_QM_MALLOC or -DDBG_FM_MALLOC and memdbg must be <= debug ). By default is set to L_DBG. E.g.: setting memdbg=100 in ser.cfg will make sure that you'll never see a malloc debug message. Note: memdbg is different from memlog, memlog is the log level used for malloc statistics (printed on exit or on SIGUSR1).

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 07/04/2006 14:55:27
View 39ed994884

xcap module excluded from build

Vaclav Kubart authored on 07/04/2006 13:46:24