June 12, 2007
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Ref SER-271, ported from rel_2_0_0 Used cvs2cl.pl (http://www.red-bean.com/cvs2cl/) to generate GNU-style changelog from cvs log. Replaced very old ChangeLog with the newly generated one. The ChangeLog only goes back to the rel_0_9_0 release branch and thus contains changes for release 2.0 release candidate 1.

Greger V. Teigre authored on 12/06/2007 12:52:17
November 14, 2002
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Date typo fixed.

Jan Janak authored on 14/11/2002 13:39:20
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Introduced ChangeLog automagically generated from the CVS repository history. The ChangeLog starts on 2002-09-27 - the first public release 0.8.8

Jan Janak authored on 14/11/2002 13:21:29