September 20, 2005
View a1fe377ad1

- CANCEL terminates retransmission timers properly (backported)

Jan Janak authored on 20/09/2005 09:31:40
November 9, 2004
View a35ad52c2d

- force_send_socket per message API support => changedinterface to get_send_socket; it takes now also the sip msg as param (updated the calls to it in all the modules)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 09/11/2004 15:15:11
September 1, 2004
View 02333eaa79

The possibility to set independent destination URIs for branches.

Jan Janak authored on 01/09/2004 10:12:41
August 24, 2004
View 84d8e16586

- Spelling checked - READMEs updated

Jan Janak authored on 24/08/2004 08:58:23
April 25, 2004
View 035f593ca5

Added the possibility to set priorities of URIs in the destination set.

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 15:13:24
February 23, 2004
View 6386c11bcd

- 487 no longer generated localy (hopefuly, UACs are well-behaving and no longer go crazy if it takes time to get the 487 due to another branch which is unresponsive) -> race conditions (200 coming from upstream) eliminated; - messages complaining about UAC status rewrites removed in special cases: a) negative reply retransmission b) receipt of 487 on a branch which was localy 408-ed

Jiri Kuthan authored on 23/02/2004 04:34:34
February 13, 2004
View 0be6158b28

static part of a transaction (struct cell) reduced by 216 bytes (for current MAX_BRANCHES) : - timer_link structer has no more payload field (calculated on the fly) -> 208 bytes less - local, is_invite, noisy_ctimer merged as flags -> 8 bytes less

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 13/02/2004 18:21:33
February 5, 2004
View 7a60138754

- more simple way of setting on_reply and failure routes; - bug in setting these routes from failure_route

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 05/02/2004 17:23:19
December 5, 2003
View a70eb29888

- global callbacks replaced by callbacks per transaction - per type callback list merged into a single one - TMCB_ON_FAILURE callback type addded - completion callback used by t_uac merged into transaction callbacks as TMCB_LOCAL_COMPLETED

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 05/12/2003 14:29:12
November 24, 2003
View b7b66ef2a8

- free_via_lump changed into free_via_clen_lump (ugly name to remind us this is just a temporary hack that should be replaced); now it will free also the HDR_CONTENTLENGHT lumps

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 24/11/2003 17:39:51
July 8, 2003
View dcda247d8e

- typo fixed (same as in stable)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 08/07/2003 12:39:13
July 7, 2003
View 22c4d743b2

- tm send w/ PROTO_NONE fixes (from stable)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 07/07/2003 15:06:23
May 9, 2003
View 257181a026

- more sun cc warnings & error fixes - GET_RURI & GET_NEXT_HOP return now a str* (instead of str) -- sun cc does not like thinkgs like & ( (bloat)?foo:bar).

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 09/05/2003 13:44:47
April 30, 2003
View c5867ab303

- dialog support added - new functions for sending messages within and outside a dialog - bugfixes - neverending fifo functions split in smaller pieces

Jan Janak authored on 30/04/2003 18:50:58
April 15, 2003
View 5dcfb23d56

- added disable tcp support (-T or disable_tcp=yes in the cfg) - the number of tcp "worker" processes is now setable (-N or tcp_children=NN) - replaced get_out_socket w/ get_send_socket in tm/uac.c & fixed some proto stuff (proto was not set properly when called w/ PROTO_NONE) - updated man pages & INSTALL

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 15/04/2003 20:39:37