October 21, 2002
View 7958eeaef9

tid/branch generation a la RFC 3261 introduced; hash==0 oddity fixed

Jiri Kuthan authored on 21/10/2002 19:21:50
View 3bd0930b2c

- request matching using tid (RFC3216) introduced

Jiri Kuthan authored on 21/10/2002 15:46:27
View 15b681f5eb

relaxed CANCEL matching (no to-tags included) introduced

Jiri Kuthan authored on 21/10/2002 11:46:55
October 18, 2002
View 2c4c8a7c2b

change: to-tags no more compared in ACK lookups -- that eliminates an unlikely race conditions (reading transactional to-tag on ACK lookup whereas writing a new to tag from 200/OK) and helps UACs who screw up to-tags

Jiri Kuthan authored on 18/10/2002 02:32:14
September 19, 2002
View 7dd0b34273

GPLization banner introduced to *.[hc] files

Jiri Kuthan authored on 19/09/2002 12:23:52
August 29, 2002
View 182fcc713d

bug_fix: to-tag matching in ACK

Jiri Kuthan authored on 29/08/2002 22:41:34
August 28, 2002
View b1f1656ee3

FAT bug_fix: An unfortuntately big fix of bug which has not been unfortunetly understood :-( . Suddenly, TM started segfaulting on start-up. In gdb, there was lot of confusion among automatic and static variable -- funny thing, p1==p2 but *p1!=*p2. I resturucted TM again, made non-automatic variables in question (hash_table) static, and split it in timers and transaction table, both in separate files.

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/08/2002 21:24:28
View 0505ec516b

bug_fix: local cancel retransmission timer release beautification if () {return} else statement changed to if () {... return}; statement

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/08/2002 09:06:34
August 17, 2002
View 141123d45c

cancel bug fixes

Jiri Kuthan authored on 17/08/2002 02:45:50
August 15, 2002
View b4b71c9fd4

debugging left-overs removed

Jiri Kuthan authored on 15/08/2002 09:29:20
View caf80ae64e

bignag change -- lot of things primarily added in relationship with refurbushing TM; see [sr] archive (2002-08-14) -- "ser update" and "TM update" for a long list of details

Jiri Kuthan authored on 15/08/2002 08:13:29
August 8, 2002
View 590e14973a

Added new parameter to parse_headers See sr@iptel.org mailing list for details.

Jan Janak authored on 08/08/2002 21:14:56
June 11, 2002
View b5f0a0b6cd

fixed: callbacks aligned with refurbished TM

Jiri Kuthan authored on 11/06/2002 21:41:36
May 31, 2002
View 1400b77288

ser_error processing, ipv6-ization of TM, new TM callbacks; not stable yet (serial forking is screwed up)

Jiri Kuthan authored on 31/05/2002 01:59:06
May 26, 2002
View fa377d6bd6

added variable to-rag part to mitigate dropping TM-owned ACKs

Jiri Kuthan authored on 26/05/2002 17:53:21