January 8, 2015
View c7ed2f4885

core: use corelog level for debug messages when sending out fails

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 23/12/2014 09:25:58
October 3, 2014
View e23c76c97a

forward.h: logging: convert LOG to LM_*

Ovidiu Sas authored on 03/10/2014 20:53:49
September 16, 2014
View c2b0be97a3

core: safety check for outbound buffer

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 16/09/2014 21:38:35
View ec8fe1e7ea

core: hanlde replacement buffer free for WS/WSS frame sending

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 16/09/2014 21:33:20
July 4, 2014
View 9e1ff4488a

all: updated FSF address in GPL text

Anthony Messina authored on 04/07/2014 09:36:37 • Daniel-Constantin Mierla committed on 04/07/2014 09:37:36
May 26, 2014
View 9d9e7399b7

core: option to specify whether the send info has to be set before sending out

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 26/05/2014 12:16:49
May 15, 2014
View 2e55d7bd21

core: use port 5061 for checking self when uri has transport tls

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 15/05/2014 10:48:04
July 4, 2013
View ffdae5987b

core: Fix connection leak with websockets

Hugh Waite authored on 04/07/2013 09:30:51
May 25, 2013
View 7f8e7a8568

sctp: new module for SCTP transport

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 25/05/2013 07:33:39
January 25, 2013
View 9cb173699b

core: made a wrapper forward_reply_nocb()

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 25/01/2013 16:30:42
June 30, 2012
View 6fe3e10b4a

core: Fixed segmentation fault

Peter Dunkley authored on 30/06/2012 19:35:10
June 29, 2012
View 8393efff31

core: Changed WS from being a flag on a TCP/TLS connection to a protocol in its own right

Peter Dunkley authored on 29/06/2012 16:44:15
June 28, 2012
View 3269116331

core: Fix to msg_send() so that requests destined for a WebSocket connection go through the websocket module

Peter Dunkley authored on 28/06/2012 16:54:45
June 23, 2012
View 11a2ad18ea

core: fixed segmentation fault I had added to forward.h

Peter Dunkley authored on 23/06/2012 20:52:15
View 1f13981426

core: added events and data-structures so that Kamailio core can transmit through the WebSocket module

Peter Dunkley authored on 23/06/2012 18:10:03