XXX content of this file reflects a future release;
    features described here may or may not be available
    in the CVS tree

Release notes for SIP Express Router (ser)


* Changes introduced in 0.8.11

| CAUTION: the 0.8.11 release include changes which      |
| are incompatible with scripts and databases used       |
| in previous versions. Care is advised when upgrading   |
| from previous releases to 0.8.11.                      |

New features
- presence agent [pa module]
- TCP support [core]
- loose routing support [rr module]
- ENUM support [enum module]
- dynamic domain management -- allows to manipulate 
  hosting of multiple domains in run-time 
  [domain module]
- web accounting -- acc module can report to serweb
  on placed calls [acc module]
- improved exec module (header fields passed now
  as environment variables to scripts) [exec module]
- improved tm/FIFO (external applications, such as
  click-to-dial can now better initiate transactions)
  [tm module]

Changes to use of ser scripts


acc module:

auth module:
XXX is_in_group has been obsoleted by ...

domain module:

enum module:

exec module:
- exec_uri and exec_user have been obsoleted by exec_dset; 
  exec_dset is identical to exec_uri in capabilities; it 
  additionaly passes content of request elements (header 
  fields and URI parts) in environment variables; users of 
  exec_user can use exec_dset now and use the "URI_USER"  
  variable to learn user part of URI
- exec_dset and exec_msg return false, if return value of 
  script does not euqal zero
- exec_dset takes an additional parameter, which enables 
  validation of SIP URIs returned by external application
pa module:

rr module:

tm module:
- t_reply_unsafe, used in former versions within reply_routes,
  is deprecated; now t_reply is used from any places in script
- XXX t_uac/FIFO