The http_client module - todo

- connection parameters
	read=line/all		- Implemented in API, but not in parameter
	failover=httpcon	Other httpcon that can be used for failover in case of 5xx response or timeout
				not implemented

- Add XAVP parameter setting before running curl_connect

- save fingerprint of cert for trust-on-first-use procedure

- connection and last status for httpcon-object, needs to be object in process memory, so child_init
	- if 5xx response or timeout set flag
	- function in dialplan - httpcon_exists(object)
	- pv $curlstatus(object) ??
	- this is per process !!!
	- can be used to fix the $curlredirect pseudovariable too

- Figure out a way to communicate back the content-type of the response. Another pvar arg?
	- This is per process!

- Reload of configuration file from RPC interface
	- Need to close connections (if we have open ones according to idea above)
	- Need to rebuild core httpcon objects and "mirrors" in pkg memory
	- Can we add a lock to the connection list while switching if we load a new
          list, then switch active list and then free the old ones

- rpc
	curl.listcon	list all connection objects with properties
			-- Done, but not documented
	curl.modcon     modify connection object
	curl.addcon	add connection object
	curl.rmcon	remove connection object

	Maybe RPC commands to change default settings for proxys

- Async - event_route when done
	(with and without suspending transaction)
	Need background task process to run curl request
	$curlcon == connection
	$curl == URL
	$curlres == result

- Option to try connections at module load with CURLOPT_CONNECT_ONLY
  just to make sure URLs resolve correctly in DNS and ports are open

- Make it possible to define modparams in any order. For now, httpcon definitions only use default
  values from modparam's defined on lines above in the config file. (issue #541)

Issues in the bug tracker
-  - open
  Support connection reuse. Needs private memory structures to track connections

Solved issues
- - closed
  Support setting proxy 
  Comitted another patch, which included default and per-connection proxy
- - closed
  Support various auth methods - digest, basic etc
  Comitted another patch, which included default and per-connection settings
- - closed
  Support TLS client certificates
- - closed
  Pull request that fixed a lot of issues.