Kamailio  modules

This is a major release of the merged SIP Server - Kamailio and SER. 

In  previous releases (v3.x) some modules where provided in two versions, in Kamailio
and SER flavours. These are now merged. In some cases, the functionality has 
changed. You can still do the same operation, but how you do it may be different.

Modules are found in the "modules" directory. After installation that can
be /usr/local/lib/kamailio/modules or /usr/lib/kamailio/modules.

In previous releases there was a "modules_k" and "modules_s" directory, but in
this release these directories are empty.

What is a module?
A module consists of a lot of functions that enhance the core. Some of the modules
depends on other modules. It's all properly documented in the README that belongs
to each module (available as web pages on the kamailio.org web site).

A module providers up to six different APIs:

- Enhancements to the core Kamailio routing script (functions)
- Commands for the management interfaces (MI and RPC)
- Development interface for other modules
- Pseudo-variables
- Selects and config framework variables
- Event-Routes

A single module may provide a selection of this, maybe only one of them.

Kamailio Modules
acc			Accounting
acc_radius		Accounting with RADIUS backend
alias_db		Alias management in database modules
app_java		Lang :: Execute embedded Java applications
app_lua			Lang :: Execute embedded LUA scripts
app_mono		Lang :: Execute embedded MONO scripts (like C#, Java, javascript)
app_perl		Lang :: Embedded perl script support
app_python		Lang :: Execute embedded Python scripts
async			Asynchronus SIP request handling functions
auth			MD5 digest authentication support
auth_db			Authentication using a database module
auth_diameter		Authentication based on Diameter
auth_ephemeral		User authentication with ephemeral credentials
auth_identity		SIP Identity support (RFC 4474)
auth_radius		Radius authentication
avp			Collection of functions for handling AVP's (from SER)
avpops			Attribute-value pair operations ("variables")
benchmark		Development benchmark module
blst			Blacklisting API for configuration scripts
call_control		Call timeouts and management (depends on Dialog module)
carrierroute		A telephony routing module
cdp			C Diameter Peer - core communication engine
cdp_avp			C Diameter Peer - application extensions
cfg_db			Database driver for configuration API
cfg_rpc			Update core and module parameters from RPC
cfgutils		Various configuration utilities
corex			Core extensions
counters		Internal counter API for configuration
cpl-c			Implementation of SIP Call Processing Language (RFC 3880)
ctl			Control connector for RPC interface (fifo, unixsock, tcp, udp)
db_berkeley		Database :: Berkeley DB (Oracle)
db_cluster		Generic database connectors clustering and failover
db_cassandra		Database :: Cassandra database server connector
db_flatstore		Database :: Flatstore
db_mongodb		Database :: MongoDB
db_mysql		Database :: Mysql
db_oracle		Database :: Oracle support
db_perlvdb		Database :: Use perl database functions
db_postgres		Database :: PostgreSQL
db_text			Database :: Text support
db_unixodbc		Database :: Unix ODBC support
db2_ldap		DB2 :: Database connector to LDAP using the DB2 API
db2_ops			DB2 :: Database operations for DB API v2
debugger		Interactive configuration processing debugger
dialog			Dialog ("call") state module
dialplan		Dialplan management
dialog_ng		Dialog tracking module - next generation
dispatcher		Load balancing and failover
diversion		Call redirect support (SIP Diversion: header)
dmq			Distributed message queue system using SIP
dnssec			DNSsec support in the DNS resolver
domain			Proxy :: Multiple domain support using databases
domainpolicy		Proxy :: Obsolete module - This module is no longer maintained
drouting		Proxy :: Dynamic routing
enum			Enum support
exec			External exec module
evapi			Network event broadcast API
geoip			GeoIP API to configuration file
group			Utils :: Group membership checking
gzcompress		Compress and decompress SIP message body with zlib
h350			LDAP/ITU H.350 multimedia schema support
htable			Utils :: Hash table support
imc			IM :: Instant messaging conference
ims_auth		IMS authentication module
ims_charging		IMS charging component module
ims_icscf		IMS ICSCF component module
ims_isc			IMS ISC component module
ims_qos			IMS Diameter Rx interface
ims_registrar_pcscf	IMS PCSCF registrar module
ims_registrar_scscf	IMS SCSCF registrar module
ims_usrloc_pcscf	IMS PCSCF usrloc module
ims_usrloc_scscf	IMS SCSCF usrloc module
ipops			IP and DNS related operations
iptrtpproxy		NAT traversal :: Kernel based RTP proxy
jabber			IM :: Jabber gateway
json			Access to JSON document attributes
jsonrpc-c		JSON-RPC client over netstrings protocol
jsonrpc-s		JSON-RPC interface to the Kamailio RPC API
kazoo			Middle layer connector for Kazoo VoIP platform
kex			Proxy :: Kamailio core functions (backwards compatibility)
lcr			Least cost routing
ldap			LDAP Directory access
malloc_test		Functions for stress-testing memory manager (from SER)
mangler			SIP message mangling functions (from SER)
matrix			Matrix operations
maxfwd			SIP loop detection prevention (max-forwards header - "ttl")
mediaproxy		Nat traversal :: Mediaproxy (AG projects)
memcached		Utils :: In-memory caching support (memcached)
mi_datagram		Management interface :: UDP
mi_fifo			Management Interface :: Unix FIFO
mi_rpc			Management Interface :: RPC support
mi_xmlrpc		Management Interface :: XML-rpc
misc_radius		Various Radius functions
msilo			Text message storage
msrp			Embedded MSRP relay (RFC 4975 and RFC 4976)
mohqueue		Music on hold queuing system
mqueue			Message queue system for configuration file
nat_traversal		NAT :: NAT traversal module
nathelper		NAT :: NAT traversal module :: RTPproxy (SIPPY software)
ndb_cassandra		Connector to Apache Cassandra
ndb_mongodb		Connector to MongoDB
ndb_redis		Connector to REDIS NoSQL Database engine
nosip			Handle non-sip messages received by SIP workers via event_route
osp			Open Settlement Protocol support
outbound		SIP Outbound Implementation
p_usrloc		Partitioned and distributed user location services
path			Path: header support
pdb			Number portability using external server
pdt			Proxy :: Routing based on numeric prefix
peering			SIP peering between service providers
permissions		Security :: TCP-wrapper-like ACL functions
pike			Security :: DOS-attack prevention
pipelimit		Traffic shaping policies
prefix_route		Execute config file route blocks based on prefix
presence		Presence :: Core presence module
presence_conference	Presence :: Conference events handling
presence_dialoginfo	Presence :: Dialog info
presence_mwi		Presence :: Message waiting indication
presence_profile	Presence :: User profile extensions (RFC 6080)
presence_reginfo	Presence :: Registration info (RFC 3680)
presence_xml		Presence :: XML handler
print			DEVEL :: Basic sample of a module
print_lib		DEVEL :: Basic sample of a module with dependency on other modules
pua			Presence :: Common module
pua_bla			Presence :: BLA
pua_dialoginfo		Presence :: Dialog Info support
pua_mi			Presence :: Management interface
pua_reginfo		Presence :: Registration information (RFC 3680)
pua_usrloc		Presence :: USRLOC integration
pua_xmpp		Presence :: XMPP/Jabber gateway
purple			Presence :: Libpurple support
pv			Pseudo-variable implementation
qos			Dialogs :: SDP management 
ratelimit		Traffic shaping module
regex			Regular expression support
registrar		Registrar/location server support
rls			Presence :: Resource list server
rr			Proxy :: Record routing
rtimer			Utils :: Timer based routing script processing
rtpengine		NAT :: RTPEngine media relay control functions
rtpproxy		NAT :: Nat traversal module for RTPproxy control
sanity			Syntax checking for incoming SIP requests
sca			PRESENCE :: Shared call appearances
sdpops			SDP operations
seas			Application server interface
sipcapture		SIP Capture Server module (used in the Homer project)
sipt			SIP-T and SIP-I operations
siptrace		Store SIP messages in database
siputils		Various utilities for SIP call handling
sl			Proxy :: Stateless handling of SIP messages
sms			SMS gateway support
snmpstats		SNMP support (net-snmp agentx)
speeddial		Per-user speed-dial controller module
sqlops			SQL operations
sst			SIP Session Timers implementation
statistics		Script statistics support
statsd			Connector for statsd application
textops			Text operations
textopsx		Extra Text operations
timer			Execute routing blocks on core timers (From SER)
tls			SSL/TLS support
tm			Proxy :: SIP transaction support (stateful)
tmx			Proxy :: Kamailio transaction extensions (TM module)
topoh			Topology hinding
uac			UAC functions (From: mangling and UAC auth)
uac_redirect		UAC redirection support
uid_auth_db		Authentication module using unique IDs (from SER)
uid_avp_db		AVP Database operations using unique IDs (from SER)
uid_domain		Domain management using unique IDs (from SER)
uid_gflags		Global attributes and flags using Unique IDs (from SER)
uid_uri_db		Database URI operations using unique IDs (from SER)
uri_db			URI operation with database support
userblacklist		User-specific blacklists
usrloc			Proxy :: Location server
utils			Various utilities (http query, xcap status)
uuid			Unique string value generator using libuuid
websocket		HTTP :: Websocket transport layer for proxy
xcap_client		Presence :: XCAP support
xcap_server		Presence :: XCAP server implementation
xhttp			HTTP :: The server
xhttp_pi		HTTP :: Provisioning interface for Kamailio
xhttp_rpc		HTTP :: RPC Command support
xlog			Utils :: Extended logging support
xmlops			XML operations using XPath
xmlrpc			HTTP :: XMLrpc support
xmpp			Presence/IM :: XMPP/jabber gateway
xprint			Functions for printing messages with specifiers (from SER)