Kamailio example CA

This directory contains an already generated TLS certificate that can be
used in your Kamailio configuration. It's a generic certificate with the 
main purpose of serving as example and for testings.

IMPORTANT: it's not a trustable certificate - the CA is also an example.

All TLS configuration files may be found in "user" directory. If you want to
generate your own certificate, you may find in the "rootCA" directory the 
root CA to sign your request with. Use "kamctl tls userCERT" command to
create a new certificate; the rootCA password is "openser".

What is the purpose of these default CA and certificate? First to make an 
out-of-the box TLS configuration for users not so familiar with SSL/TLS.
Second, to give access to the same CA root to a large community in order to
encourage testings and interconnections via TLS with minimum of troubles.

For any questions, please address to :
	sr-users@lists.kamailio.org (public mailing list)