Travis-ci build =============== The build environment is based on docker containers, so it can be easily reproducible by any developer of the project. The container we use is build at [docker hub]( It's Debian Stretch based image build [DockerFile]( Build locally ------------- Same steps defined at [.travis.yml]( - Choose the compiler you want to use setting `CC` to `gcc` or `clang` ``` $ docker pull linuxmaniac/pkg-kamailio-docker:stretch $ docker run \ -v $(pwd):/code:rw linuxmaniac/pkg-kamailio-docker:stretch \ /bin/bash -c "export CC=gcc; cd /code; ./test/travis/" ``` You can always [login](./ inside the container and build it [manually]( Clean sources ------------- ``` $ docker run \ -v $(pwd):/code:rw linuxmaniac/pkg-kamailio-docker:stretch \ /bin/bash -c "cd /code; make -f debian/rules clean; rm -rf debian" ``` Login inside the build environment ---------------------------------- ``` $ docker run -i -t \ -v $(pwd):/code:rw linuxmaniac/pkg-kamailio-docker:stretch /bin/bash ``` Test other Debian distributions ------------------------------- There are several container [images available]( already. You just need to use any of the them selecting the proper tag ``` $ export $DIST=sid $ docker pull linuxmaniac/pkg-kamailio-docker:$DIST $ docker run \ -v $(pwd):/code:rw linuxmaniac/pkg-kamailio-docker:$DIST \ /bin/bash -c "export CC=$CC; cd /code; DIST=$DIST ./test/travis/" ``` TODO ---- - tests inside the docker container