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Print_lib Module Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul FhG FOKUS Copyright � 2003 FhG FOKUS __________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents 1. Admin Guide 1. Overview 2. Functions 2.1. print_stderr(txt) List of Examples 1.1. print_stderr usage Chapter 1. Admin Guide Table of Contents 1. Overview 2. Functions 2.1. print_stderr(txt) 1. Overview This is an example module. It implements only one function that prints its string parameter to stderr (it won't work if server is started in daemon mode). Its prupose is to show how to link to an internal library (lib/print). 2. Functions 2.1. print_stderr(txt) 2.1. print_stderr(txt) Prints string to stderr. Meaning of the parameters is as follows: * txt - string to be printed. Example 1.1. print_stderr usage ... print_stderr("The answer is 42\n"); ...