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mi_xmlrpc Module Lavinia-Andreea Andrei Edited by Lavinia-Andreea Andrei Juha Heinanen Copyright � 2006 _________________________________________________________ Table of Contents 1. User's Guide 1.1. Overview 1.2. To-do 1.3. Dependencies 1.3.1. OpenSER Modules 1.3.2. External Libraries or Applications 1.4. Exported Parameters 1.4.1. port(integer) 1.4.2. log_file(string) 1.4.3. reply_option (integer) 1.4.4. buffer_size (integer) 1.5. Exported Functions 1.6. Example 2. Developer's Guide 3. Frequently Asked Questions List of Examples 1-1. Set port parameter 1-2. Set log_file parameter 1-3. Set reply_option parameter 1-4. Set reply_option parameter 1-5. XMLRPC request _________________________________________________________ Chapter 1. User's Guide 1.1. Overview This module implements a xmlrpc server that handles xmlrpc requests and generates xmlrpc responses. When a xmlrpc message is received a default method is executed. At first, it looks up the MI command. If found it parses the called procedure's parameters into a MI tree and the command is executed. A MI reply tree is returned that is formatted back in xmlrpc. The response is built in two ways - like a string that contains the MI tree nodes information (name, values and attributes) or like an array whose elements are consisted of each MI tree node stored information. Implementation of mi_xmlrpc module's xmlrpc server is based on Abyss XML-RPC server. Current version of Abyss server "normalizes" CRLF sequence in received XML-RPC strings to LF character, which makes it impossible to pass CRLF sequence from xmlrpc client application to OpenSER modules, such as mi_fifo and pua_mi, that accept requests via MI transport. To overcome this limitation mi_xmlrpc module implements a hack that coverts each LFLF sequence in received XML-RPC strings to CRLF sequence. _________________________________________________________ 1.2. To-do Features to be added in the future: * possibility to select the listening IP address * multiple ports per IP address _________________________________________________________ 1.3. Dependencies 1.3.1. OpenSER Modules The following modules must be loaded before this module: * No dependencies on other OpenSER modules. _________________________________________________________ 1.3.2. External Libraries or Applications The following libraries or applications must be installed before running OpenSER with this module loaded: * libxml. * libxmlrpc-c3 version 0.9.10. * libxmlrpc-c3-dev version 0.9.10. If libxmlrpc-c3[-dev] package is not available on your system, you may check if packages for your OS are not available on the "xmlrpc-c"project ( Otherwise you need to install the library and devel headers from the sources. In both cases, keep in mind to use the 0.9.10 version!!. _________________________________________________________ 1.4. Exported Parameters 1.4.1. port(integer) The port number used by the XMLRPX server to listen for incoming requests. The default value is 8080. Ports lower than 1024 are not accepted. Example 1-1. Set port parameter ... modparam("mi_xmlrpc", "port", 8000) ... _________________________________________________________ 1.4.2. log_file(string) A log file to be used by the internal Abyss html server used by the XMLRPX library. The default values NONE (no logging). Example 1-2. Set log_file parameter ... modparam("mi_xmlrpc", "log_file", "/var/log/abyss.log") ... _________________________________________________________ 1.4.3. reply_option (integer) Given the xmlrpc response specifications that a methodResponse can contain a single params section with a single param section, there is the possibility to choose between a string built response or an array built one. For a 0 value, a single string parameter will be replied (merging the whole response). For non-0 value, each line from the response will be encoded as an element into an array of strings. The default option is a string built response (0). Example 1-3. Set reply_option parameter ... modparam("mi_xmlrpc", "reply_option", 0) ... _________________________________________________________ 1.4.4. buffer_size (integer) It specifies the maximum length of the buffer used to write in the MI tree node information in order to build the xmlrpc response. The default value is 8192. Example 1-4. Set reply_option parameter ... modparam("mi_xmlrpc", "buffer_size", 8192) ... _________________________________________________________ 1.5. Exported Functions No function exported to be used from configuration file. _________________________________________________________ 1.6. Example This is an example showing the xmlrpc format for the "get_statistics dialog: tm:" MI commad: response. Example 1-5. XMLRPC request POST /RPC2 HTTP/1.0 Host: Connection: close User-Agent: OpenSIPg XML_RPC Client Content-Type: text/xml Content-Length: 1000 <?xml version="1.0" ?> <methodCall> <methodName>get_statistics</methodName> <params> <param> <value><string>dialog:</string></value> </param> <param> <value><string>tm:</string></value> </param> </params> </methodCall> _________________________________________________________ Chapter 2. Developer's Guide The module does not provide any API to use in other OpenSER modules. _________________________________________________________ Chapter 3. Frequently Asked Questions 3.1. Where can I find more about XMLRPC library? 3.2. Where can I find more about OpenSER? 3.3. Where can I post a question about this module? 3.4. How can I report a bug? 3.1. Where can I find more about XMLRPC library? Visit the official site of XMLRPC project at 3.2. Where can I find more about OpenSER? Take a look at 3.3. Where can I post a question about this module? First at all check if your question was already answered on one of our mailing lists: * User Mailing List - * Developer Mailing List - E-mails regarding any stable OpenSER release should be sent to <> and e-mails regarding development versions should be sent to <>. If you want to keep the mail private, send it to <>. 3.4. How can I report a bug? Please follow the guidelines provided at: