February 26, 2015
View db97ee7b7a

rls Remove svn ID

Olle E. Johansson authored on 26/02/2015 19:45:37
July 4, 2014
View 9e1ff4488a

all: updated FSF address in GPL text

Anthony Messina authored on 04/07/2014 09:36:37
January 29, 2014
View 039c0c9f92

modules/rls: Edit to cater for changed presence API Presence API has changed - delete_shtable now takes subs_t pointer instead of str to_tag to compare full dialog tag set

Richard Good authored on 29/01/2014 07:03:26
January 20, 2013
View 1abe290041

modules_k/*: moved k modules in directory modules/

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 20/01/2013 11:57:52