February 1, 2006
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- parsed expires value is unsinged as negative values are not allowed - more then 10 characters cant be a valid expires value - set the value length before checking it to avoid incorrect length for invalid values

Nils Ohlmeier authored on 01/02/2006 16:08:15
August 24, 2004
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- Spelling checked

Jan Janak authored on 24/08/2004 09:01:24
January 19, 2003
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Parser updated, expires_body structure has a new field which indicates if the HF contains a valid value, if not, this field will be set to 0 and module that called the parser can use some default value.

Jan Janak authored on 19/01/2003 19:00:01
September 19, 2002
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GPLization banner introduced to *.[hc] files

Jiri Kuthan authored on 19/09/2002 12:23:52
August 12, 2002
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*** empty log message ***

Jan Janak authored on 12/08/2002 12:04:50