November 22, 2006
View c70b2eb55a

- fixed wrong comments, reported by Bogdan Pintea closes SER-123

Jan Janak authored on 22/11/2006 23:47:34
July 18, 2006
View d0ce0ebdf7

- clean-up of common fixup functions

Jan Janak authored on 18/07/2006 11:54:44
July 4, 2006
View c16e9887cf

- Support for selects in fparam_t - get_str_fparam function which will return the value of fparam as string

Jan Janak authored on 04/07/2006 12:48:13
April 11, 2006
View 17d9dfcfe1

- fix_param returns 1 when FPARAM_INT is used and the parameter is not a number Closes SER-101

Jan Janak authored on 11/04/2006 13:12:17
View 2c51118951

- cosmetic change, FPARAM_ASCIIZ renamed to FPARAM_STRING Closes SER-102

Jan Janak authored on 11/04/2006 13:02:03
March 1, 2006
View b91364c6ce

- generic fix_param fixup function, the function produces fparam_t structure, which can contain parsed integer, str string, AVP, regex, or asciiz character. The function gets the original string parameter as input

Jan Janak authored on 01/03/2006 12:00:48
February 7, 2006
View 6d35d70ed4

- modules named flag support in modparams (registrar, acc_*) E.g.:

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 07/02/2006 19:17:38
January 9, 2006
View f141bc93c5

- rewritten module function parsing and call processing (mk_action, struct action, action_u_t) - API to get other fixup params from fixup - full function overloading - optional NUMBER/STRING param in config for module functions - added oveloaded functions to print_stdout (demostrates overloading)

Tomas Mandys authored on 09/01/2006 19:42:35
January 7, 2006
View fb851d7e8a

- support for str param type (xxx_PARAM->PARAM_xxx, PARAM_STRING)

Tomas Mandys authored on 07/01/2006 23:24:58
December 13, 2005
View 300b0f5011

- Module interface extended, each module can specify list of management functions in a common fashion - added rpc lookup function

Jan Janak authored on 13/12/2005 00:02:03
October 11, 2005
View f671296776

- fixup_regex added

Jan Janak authored on 11/10/2005 16:50:15
View bb6575cde0

- common fixup functions shared across modules

Jan Janak authored on 11/10/2005 14:54:21
September 19, 2004
View dd0e65a8bc

- SYSV lock fixes: fixed includes, added seteuid before lock init and restore it afterwards (so that SYSV sems get created with the proper uid in case -u uid is used) - moved shm_mem initialization after the config is parsed (so that ser will know if it's supposed to suid and use the seteuid hack above in the SYSV locks case) - fixed ser shutdown procedure on main_loop error (proper cleanup) - the fifo file is now deleted on exit - added version.h and changed module version control to check also the compile flags - usrloc: fixed missing lock_destroy - usrloc: fixed DB capability check even if no db mode

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 19/09/2004 20:22:51
August 24, 2004
View 53c7e0f19a

- Spelling checked - READMEs updated

Jan Janak authored on 24/08/2004 08:45:09
October 24, 2003
View 49b28ea4a2

- find_mod_export added (The function can find an export in a specified module).

Jan Janak authored on 24/10/2003 21:03:14