March 28, 2015
View 3957db5fb5

tm: reply_lock per transaction made re-entrant

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 28/03/2015 13:31:59
January 3, 2015
View f1b15228b7

tm Remove svn ID, remove history, rename "ser" to "kamailio"

Olle E. Johansson authored on 03/01/2015 15:48:29
July 4, 2014
View 9e1ff4488a

all: updated FSF address in GPL text

Anthony Messina authored on 04/07/2014 09:36:37
February 21, 2013
View 77f99fc7c0

tm: add Max-Forwards header to local requests if not given as parameter

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 21/02/2013 10:25:39
August 16, 2010
View b51171b5b8

tm: update to make seas module work

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 16/08/2010 16:32:48
August 13, 2010
View bf5d1d6f1d

tm: option to compile without reason support

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 13/08/2010 15:20:26
March 1, 2010
View 70d5b1b4c1

tm: Reason header generation for local CANCELs

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 01/03/2010 17:40:19
January 5, 2009
View d65cdd3fd4

When building the route set of ACKs for local UACs, only the reply is now evaluated; this is insufficient, since replies to in-dialog requests normally miss the route set. The patch fixes that: evals INVITE, if this was in-dialog; otherwise, the reply (since the req. doesn't have yet complete route set).

Bogdan Pintea authored on 05/01/2009 21:26:44
January 4, 2009
View 0f92150395

'memapp' and 'append_mem_block' are now both only used in source t_msgbuilder.c. Applied patch removes the definition of both from .h.: memapp moved to .c, append_mem_block only left in .c. (Interestingly, gcc complained over different definitions, but accepted same definition twice, for same identifier.)

Bogdan Pintea authored on 04/01/2009 14:58:36
February 15, 2008
View 2b36d88927

tm module parameters are changed to use the configuration framework, that means the parameters are changeable on-the-fly. ("fr_timer_avp", "fr_inv_timer_avp", and "tw_append" are left untouched)

Miklos Tirpak authored on 15/02/2008 12:11:46
May 29, 2007
View 344c31a9ea

CANCELs and negative ACKs are constructed from the INVITE which was sent out instead of building them from the received one. The disadvantage is that the outgoing INVITE has to be partially reparsed, the advantage is that the CANCEL/ACK is always RFC-compliant, it always contains the same route-set as the INVITE message. (closes SER-212)

Miklos Tirpak authored on 29/05/2007 15:52:37
March 15, 2007
View 33f7438a50

- changed build_dlg_ack and build_local_ack to directly return the destination of the ack (they have to find it anyway for building the via), thus avoiding a double dns lookup for next_hop.

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 15/03/2007 13:09:40
April 21, 2006
View 7a068ff3c5

- more struct dest_info conversions (via_builder, tm: build_uac_req, assemble_via a.s.o) - basic support for comp=method (where mehtod=sigcomp|sergz) parsing (via, various uris) and adding (via, rr lumps). The code is compiled only if USE_COMP is defined. NOTE: for now the code is useless (no compression code yet and no compression hooks), so by default it's not compiled.

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 21/04/2006 14:28:36
August 24, 2004
View 84d8e16586

- Spelling checked - READMEs updated

Jan Janak authored on 24/08/2004 08:58:23
March 14, 2004
View beb00b8e55

Dialog-wise ACKs for local transactions.

Jan Janak authored on 14/03/2004 17:54:38