January 6, 2003
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t_unsafe_reply deprecated

Jiri Kuthan authored on 06/01/2003 03:55:41
January 5, 2003
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a possible performance improvement noted

Jiri Kuthan authored on 05/01/2003 20:36:09
October 21, 2002
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relaxed CANCEL matching (no to-tags included) introduced

Jiri Kuthan authored on 21/10/2002 11:46:55
October 20, 2002
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typos and aligment to t_uac_from

Jiri Kuthan authored on 20/10/2002 18:32:11
October 18, 2002
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change: to-tags no more compared in ACK lookups -- that eliminates an unlikely race conditions (reading transactional to-tag on ACK lookup whereas writing a new to tag from 200/OK) and helps UACs who screw up to-tags

Jiri Kuthan authored on 18/10/2002 02:32:14
August 15, 2002
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bignag change -- lot of things primarily added in relationship with refurbushing TM; see [sr] archive (2002-08-14) -- "ser update" and "TM update" for a long list of details

Jiri Kuthan authored on 15/08/2002 08:13:29
December 18, 2001
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Jiri Kuthan authored on 18/12/2001 00:46:05