August 4, 2015
View 5df06ec765

Updating docs

Olle E. Johansson authored on 04/08/2015 14:45:31
View 694f5c0b5d

Renaming the http_query function from utils to curl_http_query in this module

Olle E. Johansson authored on 04/08/2015 14:41:27
View 75f891c848

Merge branch 'master' into curlmod

Olle E. Johansson authored on 04/08/2015 14:34:01
July 16, 2015
View 6b5959bc4a

core: pv api - use buffers for empty and null values

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 16/07/2015 10:21:34
View fe7b9786f5

modules/tm: unset async suspended transaction flag post-continue

jaybeepee authored on 16/07/2015 07:36:18
July 15, 2015
View 8f3caea211

Merge pull request #247 from kamailio/vseva/pua_reginfo

ng-voice GmbH authored on 15/07/2015 19:36:04
View 7d31d78e3a

pua_reginfo: use ruid to fix comparation of contact

Victor Seva authored on 15/07/2015 14:00:03
View bc01d8d6c6

dmq_usrloc: use new version of serialized structure returned by usrloc (now includes received address)

Charles Chance authored on 15/07/2015 08:48:57
View 67dfb62cf1

modules/ims_usrloc_scscf: only remove impurecord if there are no active subscriptions

jaybeepee authored on 15/07/2015 07:15:40
View b40790134c

Merge pull request #245 from pwarnold/master

Victor Seva authored on 15/07/2015 06:55:40
View 8dcc663d05

Makefile.groups: rename usrloc_dmq to dmq_usrloc

Paul Arnold authored on 15/07/2015 02:10:13
July 14, 2015
View 99f7d67b20

dmq_usrloc: don't destroy json doc before we're done with it.

Charles Chance authored on 14/07/2015 21:59:10
View adf1bca4a8

pv: catch early setting $rU with empty string

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 14/07/2015 15:40:05
May 28, 2015
View 63bd356cc3

pua_reginfo: use ul.get_urecord_by_ruid instead of ul.get_urecord

Victor Seva authored on 28/05/2015 16:26:08
April 20, 2015
View 7aca2cfd68

async: Fix some error messages

Olle E. Johansson authored on 20/04/2015 19:11:42