May 21, 2015
View 301793c4f1

modules/db_mysql: include (start of) mysql query to async query error message

Juha Heinanen authored on 21/05/2015 11:28:57
May 20, 2015
View fbbadfde17

Merge pull request #164 from kamailio/tmp/tlsf_debug

Camille Oudot authored on 20/05/2015 20:57:31
View 7afe76191e

usrloc: use domain for testing db if use_domain parameter is set

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 20/05/2015 19:44:15
View 408778069d

tm: restore to the disabled async mutex by define

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 20/05/2015 19:32:00
May 19, 2015
View db13cefcaa

manpage: sip-router.8 fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign

Victor Seva authored on 19/05/2015 19:12:31
View 8810c00f83

mem: TLSF memory summary and sums implementation

Camille Oudot authored on 19/05/2015 17:58:57
View a3f0fa72c7

kazoo : fix json transform

Luis Azedo authored on 19/05/2015 16:36:53
View 967ed55184

core: enable log_prefix for sip responses

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 19/05/2015 13:13:49
May 18, 2015
View 497b6ad2ce

core: Fix crash in xavp.c

Hugh Waite authored on 18/05/2015 16:00:08
View fe379acb5f

mem: fix TLSF max pool limit

Camille Oudot authored on 18/05/2015 10:27:12
View 111aefd82f

Revert "mem: TLSF use larger first level bitmap"

Camille Oudot authored on 18/05/2015 09:47:10
View 6de859e5a7

pkg/kamailio/deb: update version to 4.3.0~pre2

Victor Seva authored on 18/05/2015 09:20:00
View 7e6083e3e2

Makefile.defs: version set to 4.3.0-pre2

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 18/05/2015 08:34:49
May 15, 2015
View 6d32e8df95

Merge pull request #163 from kamailio/seudin_erlang_fixes

Seudin Kasumovic authored on 15/05/2015 06:35:48
May 14, 2015
View e58d150a13

tcpops: return if connection is null when trying to set the lifetime

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 14/05/2015 17:38:14