February 12, 2009
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Database type enum values (such as DB_INT) renamed to DB1_*.

Jan Janak authored on 12/02/2009 19:21:15
View a5071c502c

Rename db_con_t to db1_con_t to avoid conflicts with libsrdb2.

Jan Janak authored on 12/02/2009 19:14:43
January 26, 2009
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- add one debug probe for SQL NULL values, like for the other datatypes

Henning Westerholt authored on 26/01/2009 18:07:14
January 5, 2009
View 8fb93e2af5

- partial revert of commit rev5359 for db_mysql module - generalize db_str2val function in the DB API core, the string copying behaviour can now configured (its done for db_postgres, db_unixodbc, not done for db_mysql like in the 1.3, 1.4 branches) - still TODO: fix NULL case in db_unixodbc, try to fix double copying

Henning Westerholt authored on 05/01/2009 18:29:35
December 15, 2008
View f9200735c6

- change behaviour of db_str2val, this now copy strings - this change was necessary because in some circumstances the memory that is returned from the database driver is used by some other means too fast, causes crashed or wrong results later on, this bug is timing related - this means for mysql and unixodbc that the performance will be decreased a bit, postgres already copied the string, so here nothing change - add a new function to DB core API, db_val2str that, usable to convert numerical values to a string, and common things like NULL values conversion, parameter checks - convert mysql, postgres and unixodbc module to use this new function - convert postgres function to use the core db_str2val function, the copying is now done at a different place, cleanup the code somewhat - remove unnecessary assignment if a NULL value is encountered in postgres - TODO: fix NULL handling and double copying that is done now for unixodbc

Henning Westerholt authored on 15/12/2008 15:07:12
December 10, 2008
View c843980a3b

- move db_mysql and db_unixodbc str2val implementation to the DB core, remove the duplicated implementation in the modules (preparation for query copy problem) - introduced a small regression for the unixodbc in the NULL value handling that needs to be fixed

Henning Westerholt authored on 10/12/2008 18:41:09