January 28, 2015
View 7d568fdc49

modules/interconnect: fixed 2nd occurence of cscf_get_public_identity_from_requri mem leak

Richard Good authored on 28/01/2015 10:19:43
View b5ee4441f2

modules/interconnect_route: fixed mem leak on cscf_get_public_identity_from_requri

Richard Good authored on 28/01/2015 10:16:42
December 3, 2014
View 306e40d613

modules/interconnectroute: Added video_service_code

Richard Good authored on 03/12/2014 15:44:15
November 13, 2014
View 245774ddbe

modules/interconnectroute: new methods: ix_orig_trunk_query() ix_term_trunk_query() ix_orig_trunk_query(): get interconnect route and charging information for orig leg ix_term_trunk_query(external_id): get interconnect charging information for term leg

Richard Good authored on 13/11/2014 07:45:30
November 5, 2014
View 1821adaf93

tmp:interconnect_route_modules: new interconnectroute module

Richard Good authored on 05/11/2014 15:31:57