April 20, 2009
View 456c3c137e

* Modules: auth_radius, misc_radius

Juha Heinanen authored on 20/04/2009 05:47:28
April 15, 2009
View d1ffbb8626

Update module to use radius files from libkcore

Jan Janak authored on 03/03/2009 14:50:55
March 6, 2009
View fd4c67ef2a

* Fixed initialization of A_CISCO_AVPAIR attribute. Thanks to Daniel for pointing the bug out.

Juha Heinanen authored on 06/03/2009 09:13:31
September 18, 2008
View 2ffcdbae7a

- module startup logging is already done from core, so its not necessary to do this again in the module mod_init - remove several DBG output about module shutdown, this is now also done in the core, so no information is lost - remove empty mod_init and mod_destroy functions in perlvdb and tlsops

Henning Westerholt authored on 18/09/2008 10:45:11
September 4, 2008
View 32284c233c

* Added auth_extra module parameter that can be used to specify which extra RADIUS attributes (if any) are included in RADIUS request when authorize functions are called.

Juha Heinanen authored on 04/09/2008 14:25:02
August 10, 2008
View 61b6dd640b

- cleanup in modules, instead of logging module initialization in each mod_init (with different messages, levels..) do this in the core

Henning Westerholt authored on 10/08/2008 22:51:44
July 28, 2008
View 27642a08ce

- change name in copyright headers

Henning Westerholt authored on 28/07/2008 15:39:28
February 4, 2008
View 78fa65fc27

Introduce the new use_ruri_flag parameter.

Maxim Sobolev authored on 04/02/2008 06:31:17
December 22, 2007
View 9485de8939

* Added some (cmd_function) casts in order to get rid of warnings.

Juha Heinanen authored on 22/12/2007 16:40:54
November 28, 2007
View 850a86bcdd

- improve error messages, give some hints about the needed modules

Henning Westerholt authored on 28/11/2007 11:34:45
October 4, 2007
View 80998a7f2e

- cmd_export_t has a new field: free_fixup - it is the function to be called if you want to free the structure resulted after calling the fixup function - to be used in dynamic environments, like perl scripts, where you have to call fixup function every time you call a function exported by modules - for future, a better cleanup of used memory can be achived by freeing fixed strucutred in config file - fixup functions in core got the free_fixup pair if is the case - textops has some free_fixup functions set - dev version increased

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 04/10/2007 11:21:22
September 21, 2007
View 387847d794

- more log messages migrated to LM_* format credits go to Ancuta Onofrei <ancuta@voice-system.ro>

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 21/09/2007 14:11:40
September 9, 2007
View b0a7f212ca

- internal redesign of pseudo-variable (PV) model - more compact and clear format for name and index - naming format of structures and functions are prefixed with pv_ instead of xl_ - types of PV are prefixed with PVT_ instead of XL_ - PV spec formats: - $class_name - $class_name(inner_name) - $(class_name[index]) - $(class_name(inner_name)[index]) - $(class_name{transformation}) - $(class_name(inner_name){transformation}) - $(class_name[index]{transformation}) - $(class_name(inner_name)[index]{transformation}) - NOTE: the index for avp and hdr has to be specified after the pharantesis enclosing the name ( $avp(name[index]) => $(avp(name)[index]) ) - there are three classes that accept inner name: avp, hdr and var - there are two classes that accept index: avp and hdr - NOTE: color printing PV not yet migrated -- they will be introduced as a new PV class exported by xlog module - modules migrated to new PV model - NOTE: avpsops need special attention -- it was prety much affected - PV exporting by modules is done via a new simpler structure that allows to add PV with inner name and index - NEW FEATURE: inner_name and index for avp and hdr can be PV ( example: $(avp($var(avp_name))[$var(index)]) - name of avp is taken from $var(avp_name) and the index from $var(index)) - dev version increased

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 09/09/2007 20:55:56
July 31, 2007
View 3eee3a4e13

- added new field in the module interface - list of the additional processes to be created (work on progress)

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 31/07/2007 13:01:04
March 30, 2007
View c3b1a1bee9

- additional fixes (typos) related to the previous commit

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 30/03/2007 17:41:12